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Full-fledged testing capabilities among the new exciting features in Remain API Studio V2.1

Wednesday, June 16, 2021
The final release of our API Studio is here! What's new? The inclusion of full-fledged testing capabilities and a fully integrated auto-mock server, the introduction of global tags, generation of documentations and configurations, and many more new features. Keep reading to find out what's new in Remain API Studio V2.1.

New in Remain API Studio V2.1

Full-fledged testing capabilities

API Test: edit a created method

Now it's possible to edit method fields id, summary, and description in the test part of our visual API studio.

Show component source view now visible from the context menu

You can open the 'Component Source' view from the context menu of a component (e.g., schema, path, server, security,..).

Field format is now visible in attributes list

View and edit the schema type format in the 'Attributes' view.


We're offering a fully integrated auto-mock server. It handles requests, callbacks, validates path and incoming parameters, and generates a mock response based on the definitions in your OpenAPI document. It's a fully automated local mock server. Just relax and mock!

Global tags

We've introduced a new tab: 'Tags', where global tags can be viewed and edited. Also, overriding tags on the operation level has been improved.

Documentations & Configurations generation

Documentations and configurations can now be generated from your OAS3 document. Many document types are available, including ready-to-deploy Swagger web UI so that you can use it on your own site.

The generated documents can be served and viewed in the browser for ease of use.

Add global responses and call callbacks

You can define global responses and global callbacks and easily reuse them elsewhere in your OpenAPI document.

ILEastic Microservice Generation

We have added the generation of ILEastic to the OpenAPI Tooling. ILEastic is a service program that provides a simple, blazing fast programmable HTTP server for your application. You can easily plug your RPG code into a services' infrastructure and make simple web applications without the need for any third-party web server products.

It's a self-contained web application server for the ILE environment on IBM i to run microservices.

And there's so much more

  • You can select one component and view its source code in the component source view. 
  • It's possible now to view/edit an inline schema in the Attributes view.
  • You can view/edit the required properties of a schema.
  • We've extended the Schema Attributes view with three more tabs.
  • A schema example can be generated with just one click.
  • We've added support for the parameter style and explode fields.
  • We're offering a web editor and we have augmented and integrated the Swagger web editor. 
  • With one click, you can now convert your document format between JSON and Yaml.
  • In addition to the current internal schema referencing, you can now refer to an external schema.
  • It's now possible to add response headers.

Thank you for your ongoing trust and feedback.

As always, it's our pleasure to support you and your business with our ever-improving solutions.

We're prepared for your next step