Fusion, the new TD/OMS functionality for off-the-shelf applications' support

Wednesday, November 13, 2013
We are happy to announce the upgrade of our flagship product, TD/OMS. The latest enhancements bring the new, extremely useful functionality, called Fusion, enabling users to retrofit changes after version updates of off-the-shelf (third party) applications. The version of TD/OMS with the Fusion functionality is available as of November 2013 (at no additional costs to all customers with a maintenance agreement).

TD/OMS can manage changes of in-house developed applications and any IBM i off-the shelf applications coming from third parties. It is a great step on the TD/OMS roadmap. Change management of this kind of software has always been challenging for IT departments. 

Marco Kok, managing director at Remain Software enumerates the benefits, which the latest TD/OMS functionality will bring to its users:“Fusion will have a positive impact on the management of all applications used by any organization. IT Managers, DevOps and software engineers will no longer need to worry about the customization process or problems that coming updates might cause by influencing other software used within their organization. Among many other benefits, it’s also worth to mention the significant reduction of time spent on off-the-shelf applications’ change management and minimization of conflicts between all applications.”  


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