Gravity Available On The MAC

Monday, October 14, 2013
We are happy to announce the enhancement of our ALM Workflow Management solution, Gravity. The latest improvement will satisfy all MAC enthusiasts.

As of October 2013 Gravity is enhanced with a MAC client. From now on you can simply install our ALM Workflow Management software on your MAC OS X and just let Gravity hold everything together for you! 

Manage incidents, control workflow, predict workload and communicate better with your colleagues. We also give you a chance to get a trial version of our software. Contact us for more info!


*** Gravity is an ALM Workflow Management solution, designed especially for IT executives, Software architects and developers working for organizations of any type or sizes that desire easier, faster and more visible management of multiple and complex processes, involving one or more departments and teams.

Gravity supports process automation, and streamlines and controls all changes taking place within organization – regardless of the methodology followed by the user. It is the ideal solution for improving the quality and performance of work management.


Learn more about Gravity here