How can workflow management improve internal communication?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015
How can a workflow management system improve internal communication? Check what Wim Jongman says about it in the latest John Ghrist's article for MC Press Online (an information source for IBM i community).

Employee Aids for Internal Communications

"Using software to keep enterprise employees in touch with each other can follow one of three major strategies: workflow apps, messaging apps that support social media, and web portals.

When an entity as large as an enterprise, or even one as modest as a project team, exceeds a certain number of participants or geographic locations, the importance of inter-employee communications starts reaching critical stages. While that critical number varies from organization to organization, a few of the factors that mandate maintaining good communications between team members include managerial oversight of project progress, the need to avoid duplication of effort, and awareness of interrelated deadlines.  

Staff meetings, whether conducted in person or electronically, can only go so far in remedying communications needs, so organizations of all sizes are increasingly turning to three major types of software applications to help coordinate employee activity.  

Workflow applications are the first and most formal. They include software that facilitates the tracking and coordination of group projects and information-routing within and across teams. Second are messaging and communications applications that help employees keep in touch with each other, both individually and in groups. Third are portal products, which help employees (and other authorized users) keep in touch with information published by the enterprise itself. "


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