Intelligent Enhancements Let You Focus on Smart Development of Your Business Applications

Tuesday, February 26, 2019
With the launch of TD/OMS V 11 Milestone 2, we continue to support your core business objectives with intelligent enhancements that reflect the value and significance of the details. The additions of journal analysis, relaxed locking rules, signature checks and more were designed to help deliver your time, attention and other valuable resources away from unnecessary steps and sidetracks and back in line with your desire to focus on the multiple facets of running and developing your business. Our ultimate goal: Help you produce better code with speed, ease and an increasingly intuitive and fluid developer-user experience.


Our ongoing development is driven by market needs and changes and an eye on what's on the ever-emerging tech horizon. As always, we thank you for the feedback that helps to further refine our products.

Enjoy your enhancements, and Remain in control of your development destinations! From the entire team, here's to your success ...



What's In It for You?

Remain focused on your big picture with our enhancements to the details, including:

  • Graphical journal analysis.
  • Locking rules that liberate you.
  • Goodbye Follow/Lead, hello Merged!
  • Grow that tree with our enhanced branching.
  • Remain API Studio additions.
  • Many other enhancements (signature checking, new branch creation, task and request filters, unicode variables and more).

Journal Analysis

TD/OMS now comes with a graphical journal analysis function, a very handy feature for investigating what program changed a specific field in a file.

The TD/OMS Journal Analyzer view lets you analyze a journal on a file, viewing combined information from the journal entry file and your data file, and easily select and/or filter columns, user data and journal data to obtain fast and insightful query results.

More information is on our wiki.

Relax the Locking Rules

Now when you need to connect an object to more than one task, you're no longer forced to "LOCK" the other object. This enhancement instead allows a LOCK to be used by the developer or operator to signal that the object may not be transferred.

Get ready to "lock-n-roll"!

Signature Check for Service Programs

Now you can implement a pre-transfer check to avoid transferring a program to an environment when a service program that is being used lacks the correct signature in the target environment. 

Sometimes the little things make a big difference. Go get more ...

Goodbye Follow/Lead, Hello Merged

The Follow/Lead mechanisms in our product were meant to make concurrent maintenance possible. However, this approach proved to be hard to understand, which resulted in many avoiding concurrent maintenance.

We have now completely removed this paradigm and instead, when a concurrent version overtakes an already active version, we have introduced the much easier to understand Merged status.

Enhanced Branching

We have enhanced our branching concepts by simplifying some core concepts (e.g. no more follow/lead and required locking) and providing you with more options to manage branches.

We have created a blog post about the merits of branching so head over there if you want to understand the concepts and branching and how this can be applied to your IBM i development strategy.

To the blog post.

Remain API Studio

We have added major features our Remain API Studio. Our UI has built-in support for latest version of OpenAPI Specification (OAS). You are able to generate OpenAPI specifications from your database definitions. We have included several other parts of the specification to the editor like security, links, and examples.

Head over to our TD/OMS V 11 Milestone 2 Wiki page for all the enhancements. See you there!


Along your track to success, we're proud to help engineer more freedom, clearer paths and expanding options at critical junctures. It's a privilege to accompany you into the ever-evolving future. 

Embrace the Milestones. Remain on track. All aboard ...