IT Jungle Article on Remain Software's Change Management System and GitLab

Thursday, November 14, 2019
In his Nov. 13 article titled "Remain Hooks Change Management System Into GitLab," IT Jungle reporter Alex Woodie covers how newest enhancements to TD/OMS and Gravity demonstrate how Remain is "investing to keep its customers on the cutting edge."

Remain Hooks Change Management System Into GitLab

November 13, 2019 Alex Woodie

IBM i shops that manage their code using Remain Software’s change management software just gained a slew of new ways to hook their system into GitLab, an independent Git-based provider of DevOps solutions. The new software, TD/OMS V12 Milestone 1, also brings better integration with unit testing and cross referencing, while a new release of Remain’s Gravity bolsters management of cross-platform development projects.

With a steady cadence of quarterly updates and one big release per year, Remain Software is endearing itself to IBM i developers who like predictability and perseverance. Read more ...