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Meet "Octo", Remain's new pluggable Web Application

Wednesday, February 16, 2022
Octo is Remain Software's new web application to host pluggable applications. Standing for "Open Core for Technology Orchestration", it is the framework that makes it possible to bind everything together. Its first version brings TD/OMS to the web with essential work management, ratification, task and request linking, and an excellent Dashboard that will visualize any issues in your DevOps environment.


TD/OMS Settings

The server and database settings were added to the TD/OMS plugin.

Request filter enhancements

It is now possible to add, edit, or delete a request filter.

Task filter enhancements

It is now possible to add, edit, or delete a task filter.


New "Filter items"

"Filter items" is the plugin that displays the main item (task/request) fields.


New "Item details"

"Item details" is the plugin that displays the hole item(task/request) fields. Also, it is possible to edit and save the item changes.


External URLs handling

The "TDOMS" plugins can now handle external URLs.