Notice To I5/OS Users

Monday, July 26, 2010
As of version V5R1M11 of TD/OMS the minimum operating system software level requirement is IBM i 5.2. TD/OMS version V5R1M12, V5R1M13 and V5R1M14 can be installed on a machine with this operating system software level but Remain can only guarantee support for this version when installed on a IBM i with operating system software version 5.3 or higher.

Remain has switched to POWER6 hardware and new TD/OMS updates that will be delivered can not be restored to V5R3 or V5R4 without applying required IBM i PTF's.  

Required PTF's

You will not be able to install any program you receive when this program was created on a machine with IBM i 6.1 and your version of the operating system software is 5.2 or lower. When your operating system  software version is 5.3 or 5.4 following PTF’s are required for restoring objects that were created on IBM i 6.1

i5/OS release Required PTF
V5R3M0         MF41354
V5R3M5         MF41734
V5R4M0         MF40520
V5R4M5         MF42655


 Following PTF’s are required for restoring java programs that were created on IBM i 6.1


i5/OS release Required PTF
V5R3M0         SI27297
V5R4M0         SI27765


Before you start the installation of TD/OMS release V60 for any module you should also set the QVFYOBJRST system value from 3 to 1.

Please also read from the following redbook:

Section 2.2

Section 3.1.2