Remain API Studio just got even better on V2.0.1

Wednesday, November 4, 2020
As the month of November approaches every year, so does the first of our promised quarterly delivered releases. And this time we could barely wait to share what's new for our Remain API Studio. From design to code-generation to testing, your vision and objectives will be backed by this rich visual editor, now with many more features and new enhancements designed to make your work easier. We've been working hard to make this robust and intuitive OAS 3.0 spec-compliant development environment the best out there, so here's what's new.

What's in it for you?

  • Full-fledged testing capabilities. 
  • Mockserver.
  • Schema XML representation.
  • Global tags.
  • Inline schema attributes.
  • Documentations & Configurations generation.
  • View docs on browser.
  • Component source code.
  • Schema required properties.
  • Schema attributes.
  • Parameter style and explode fields.
  • Attributes view revamp.
  • Parameter content type.
  • Schema example generation.
  • Web editor.
  • JSON from/to Yaml.
  • External Schema Reference.
  • Response Headers.
  • Schema Discriminator.
  • And much more!

Full-fledged testing capabilities


We're offering a fully integrated auto-mock server. It handles requests, callbacks, validates path and incoming parameters, and generates a mock response based on the definitions in your OpenAPI document. It's a fully automated local mock server. Just relax and mock!

Schema XML representation

We've introduced a new tab so that you can define a schema's XML data format.

Global tags

We've introduced a new tab: Tags, where global tags can be viewed/edited. Overriding tags on operation level has been improved.

Inline schema attributes

It's possible now to view/edit an inline schema in the Attributes View.


Documentations & Configurations generation

Documentations and configurations can now be generated from your OAS3 document.

We offer many docs types to generate, including ready-to-deploy Swagger web UI so that you can use it in your own site.

View docs on browser

The generated docs can also be served and viewed in the browser for ease of use.

Component source code

For more development focus, it's now possible to select one component (e.g., schema, path, operation, security scheme, tag, or server) and view its source code in the component source view. You can also toggle between Yaml and JSON by using the local menu.

Schema required properties

 You can now view/edit the required properties of a schema.

Schema attributes

Attributes tab has been polished. Now, it shows only relevant fields to the selected schema. Additionally, we've added the enum and example fields.

Parameter style and explode fields

We've added support for the parameter style and explode fields.

Attributes view revamp

We've extended the Schema Attributes view with these three tabs: Properties, Additional Properties, XML and Discriminator tabs so that you can view/edit an inline schema and drill down schema properties.

Parameter content type

We now support parameter content type definitions for a more granular parameter type control.


Schema example generation

You can now generate a schema example with one click. We've polished the Examples tab as well.

Web editor

We're offering a web editor. We've augmented and integrated the Swagger web editor. You can now edit your OpenAPI document from this locally served web editor as well, using your favorite web theme and save your changes back.


JSON from/to Yaml

With one click, you can now convert your document format between JSON and Yaml without affecting your current document as a new one with the same name and different extension will be generated for you.

External Schema Reference

In addition to the current internal schema referencing (schemas in the same document), you can now refer to an external schema, be it on the same file system or remote on another server. A referenced schema data is automatically fetched and shown (currently read-only mode) in views as if it's an internal schema.

Response Headers

It's now possible to add response headers.

Schema Discriminator

We've added support for the schema discriminator object and mappings.

If you want to see even more, you can head to our Remain API Studio V2.0.1 Wiki page for all Milestone 1 enhancements.

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