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Remain API Studio V3.0.1 features a new editor and improvements to its RPG FREE Generator

Wednesday, February 16, 2022
The OpenAPI JSON/YAML editor has been upgraded with a much better and more efficient one, and new enhancements to the Studio's RPG FREE generator gives more control to the users, allowing them to influence how the code is generated, thanks to the use of Mustache templates. There are also improved API validations and more! Take a look at all the improvements below.


New editor

The OpenAPI JSON/YAML editor has been upgraded with a much better and more efficient one.

Generate RPG Free Rest API using Mustache

Rest APIs can now be generated using a Mustache template. Mustache is a template engine for the creation of dynamic content.

The new generator can be installed using the following command:

Using Mustache templates gives you more flexibility and more control over the generated objects.

The new generator is now the default generator (1). If it is not working, you are still able to fall back to the legacy generator (2).

Object info validation

The first tab, containing the document info, validates its content according to the OpenAPI specs.

Schema validation

We now offer validation for the schemas tab section.

For Both the "Global schemas" section and the "Schema properties" section.

Paths and Operations validation

You can validate all paths in one go or path by path.

Global and operation parameters validation

You can now validate the global and operation parameters.

Global and operation request-bodies validation

You can also validate the global and operation request-bodies.

Global and operation response validation

And you can validate the global and operation response.

And many other issues and enhancements resolved!

Thank you for your ongoing trust and feedback.

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