The Remain Software ALM Solutions Now Available In Latin America

Friday, January 31, 2014
Remain Software starts a new partnership with Green Light Technology. The new Business Partner headquartered in Orlando, Florida with representatives across South and Central America will make Remain Software ALM tools available on the Latin market. The collaboration between the two companies starts February 2013.

The partnership is aimed at reaching out to Spanish and Portuguese speaking markets of Central and South America with broad knowledge, expertise and advisory in the field of Application Lifecycle Management on the IBM i. The new partnership will embrace promotion, distribution, consultancy and technical support all over South and Central America for all Remain Software products dedicated to IBM i users:

  • TD/OMS (Software Change Management tool),
  • TD/OMS Compact (Software Change Management tailored for small teams) and
  • Gravity, an ALM Workflow Management solution.


Both companies believe that the partnership will be of benefit especially for customers, who will get a comprehensive and complementary solutions’ offer for their IBM i and a better choice for their application lifecycle management.

Jaime Penagos, Green Light Technology:  “As a corporation focused on the IBM i, we are really happy that we have found excellent quality in the Remain Software solutions and got the opportunity to offer them to the Latin America market. Latin American enterprises are nowadays appreciating software change management solutions more and more and find them very important for improvement of their software development projects and application lifecycle management. Some years ago, such tools were seen as “optional” but fortunately the perspective has changed and this kind of solution is most of the times required either by internal and/or external regulations of for example Super Intendencias Financieras. These organizations take care of security, integrity, efficiency, transparency and stability of financial institutions in each of the Latin American countries and, among other tasks, regulate the way applications should be managed, especially when they go into production. Most of the times they require automated deployment, so that no malicious code can get into the source one. TD/OMS is a reliable solution that can manage not only this process but entire management of applications with great ease and assuring the required level of stability and security. Our goal now is to let the South and Central American companies know about it.”

Also Marco Kok, the managing director at Remain Software sees a bright future for the partnership with Green Light Technology: “We are really happy about cooperation with Green Light Technology. We believe we have found a strong and reliable representative for our products on such a huge market as Latin America. Their strong Partner network and expertise on delivering high quality services to companies of any types or sizes convinces us that this was a great choice. Their approach to customers and impressive knowledge of Power Systems, especially IBM i, makes us certain that our customers can count on high quality services, best advice and analysis of their needs combined with the choice of best solution for their business challenges.”

About Green Light Technology

Green Light Technology is a technically oriented company whose one of main goals is consulting closely with clients to solve their information technology challenges. Through custom development, professional services, and the recommendation, implementation and customization of best-of-breed software products, Green Light Technology builds solutions that create the bridge between existing technologies and the needs of their clients.

As a master distributor for technologies of many kinds, their expertise extends to all major corporate IT platforms and operating environments, including IBM Power, IBM i, AIX, Solaris, Linux, and Windows.

In addition to expertise in IT infrastructure and resiliency areas, Green Light maintains a strong expertise in the IT security arena and therefore we stay up to date on the all compliance regulations for each industry and country in Central and South America.

Green Light Technology has strong relationship with their partners in several countries in Latin America.