TD/OMS integrates with JIRA

Friday, November 27, 2015
The latest version of our IBM i Application Lifecycle Management tool, TD/OMS seamlessly integrates with JIRA Software and Service Desk, a project and issue tracking software from Atlassian.

JIRA users can now easily enhance the software development workflow with application lifecycle management functionality of TD/OMS. While JIRA will take care of the communication and task flow between team members; version control, automated multiplatform deployment, fallback mechanism, graphical impact analysis, peer review, and much more of TD/OMS will help users to deliver high quality code and stable, well-working applications.

The use of the combined solutions leads to significant increase in the software engineers’ productivity, and improves team collaboration and communication. Thanks to streamlined processes IT teams can deliver high quality applications faster and at a lower cost.    

Working with both tools goes seamlessly. TD/OMS tasks or requests can be easily added to Jira Issues and become part of the JIRA workflow from within the TD/OMS UI. Also issues not connected to TD/OMS can get a label ‘tdoms’ and be viewed from the TD/OMS JIRA node and from there linked to a TD/OMS task. This feature allows JIRA users to easily pre-link an issue to TD/OMS. Also TD/OMS users who are not heavily involved in JIRA but require overview of TD/OMS related JIRA issues will find the integration beneficial. 

TDOMS IBM i (AS/400) Application Lifecycle Management JIRA interface

TDOMS IBM i (AS/400) Application Lifecycle Management JIRA interface

We believe in the power of collaboration. A well-managed workflow is a must in modern software development. This is the reason why we decided to integrate our application lifecycle management tool with collaboration solutions, such as JIRA. But as a company which has always been flexible and customer-oriented we let the customer choose the best option for their IT department and the most suitable software for their specific way of working and projects. JIRA is another tool, next to Gravity or IBM Rational Team Concert, which our customers can choose as complementary software for TD/OMS – says Marco Kok, MD at Remain Software.

The TD/OMS integration with Jira is part of the Remain Software mission of becoming a flexible ALM vendor on the IBM i market and making TD/OMS an enabler for various solutions dedicated to IBM i users. Jira is not the first collaboration tool which TD/OMS has been integrated with. The key and recommended tool is Gravity, Remain’s in-house developed IBM i Task and Workflow management solution. Since 2014 TD/OMS has also integrated with IBM’s Rational Team Concert

TD/OMS is an IBM i Application Lifecycle Management solution supporting change, development, modernization and multiplatform deployment processes. This modular solution gives complete control over the software life cycle process and provides a real time overview of software components and configuration. Compliance and auditing requirements can be easily met due to the registration of all component movements. Its integration with Gravity Task and Workflow Management system significantly improves operations and collaboration within the IT team. TD/OMS is integrated with solutions, such as X-Analysis, RPG Toolbox, and others which are also incorporated within the IBM RDi.