Remain Software Becomes A Member Of National ISystems User Group (Common GB)

Monday, March 17, 2014
Remain Software became the member of The National iSystems User Group (Common Great Britain). We are happy to become part of the IBM i community in the UK to share knowledge, ideas and skills and to support companies in choosing best solutions for theit IT management. We will soon sponsor the biggest Power Systems community event in Great Britain - International i-Power 2014, which will take place in June in Windsor. we will be there with our Business Partner and distributor of our products in the UK - FormaServe Systems.

About National isystems Users Group

"NiSUG is the largest community of IBM i users in the UK. They hold regular events throughout the UK,  where their members can meet to discuss key business issues and exchange views with other delegates and industry specialists. All members' businesses have been built around the solid IBM mid-range platform (AS/400, iSeries, System i) and NiSUG meetings are geared around their current business needs. As a Not-For-Profit organisation and  Common Europe's official representative in Great Britain NiSUG holds a unique position as being a truly independant source of information."


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