Remain Software expands Partner Network in North America, Europe and Africa

Monday, December 7, 2015
The Remain Software solutions dedicated for IBM i users: TD/OMS Application Lifecycle Management and Task & Workflow management software, Gravity, are now distributed locally by the IBM i oriented companies: Hamway Software Solutions (US), Redbourn Business Systems (UK), Itheis (France) and iEnter (South Africa).

Remain Software continues global growth and expands their partner network. It’s part of the company strategy of being closer to customers and deliver products, consultancy, training and support for software development and modernization locally. The major goal involves working with companies knowledgeable in IBM i software and hardware, who add significant value to Remain’s products.

Hamway Software Solutions, iEnter, Itheis, and Redbourn Business Systems have great understanding and many years of experience in operating on the IBM i market. Their extensive knowledge and skills have been of great value for their customers. We are extremely excited that this expertise can now be beneficial also for the clients of Remain Software. We believe that together we can help companies to explore the advantages of modern and streamlined way of developing and managing applications, and managing teamwork provided by the solutions we offer. Together we will offer our clients IBM i software advisory, training and implementations locally. – says Marco Kok, MD at Remain Software.

Three of the new value added resellers (Itheis, iEnter and Redbourn Business Systems) are also distributors of the Fresche Legacy X-Analysis suite, which TD/OMS is integrated with. The solutions together create a Unified Software Change Management Workflow for better management, analysis and documentation of IBM i applications. Customers looking at modernizing their legacy applications can count on comprehensive solutions offering for their modernization projects, including consultancy, training and support – all coming from one party.

What do the new Partners think about this new opportunity of partnering with Remain?

  • We partnered with Remain Software because their solutions perfectly align with our methodology of providing robust solutions that boost efficiency and overall productivity of IT teams.  TD/OMS and Gravity fit right into this philosophy by making the management of application life cycle seamless and removes all the frustrations that usually surround change management - says Laura Hamway from Hamway Software Solutions. The other attraction of Remain Software is the shared interest of caring what our customers need/want.  It is great to partner with another company that cares about their customers and want to see them succeed - she adds.
  • Remains leading Application Lifecycle Management and Workflow products combine functional richness, with progressive design to make for easy fit with all of our clients. Backed up by Remains flexible and talented resources, our new and existing clients are able to continually optimise  their maintenance and new development efforts to great effect for the business, with modern and innovative tools and solutions  – says Stuart Milligan IBM i modernization, product and technology consultant at iEnter.
  • The Redbourn team are delighted to be working with our partners at Remain Software to bring their solutions to the UK marketplace.  We are particularly delighted to represent Remain in the UK at this exciting time. The UK IBM i marketplace is particularly buoyant at present with announcements this year from IBM leading to significant investment being made in new hardware and software.  We are seeing an increased interest in development projects, both for legacy application support and modernisation as well as an ongoing interest in our consultancy, training and documentation services.  The IBM i toolkit from Remain, which includes TD/OMS and Gravity, adds significant value to these projects and we look forward to working with both our existing customer base and new prospects to demonstrate how Remain’s tools can be utilised by the project team in a cost effective manner - Steve Cast, Owner of Redbourn Business Systems Limited.
  • As a player in the IBM i applications modernization market we were looking for several years for a user friendly ALM tool to offer our customers a comprehensive solution. Why TD/OMS? For three main reasons:
  1. it is seamlessly integrated with modernization solutions : X-Analysis and RPG ToolBox
  2. with its simplicity of use and flexible pricing model, it perfectly addresses companies of any size
  3. its integration with "Gravity", an IBM i task and workflow solution, completes the offering - Pascal Blandin, General Manager at Itheis.