Software Change Management Tailored For Small Development Shops

Wednesday, January 15, 2014
Remain Software announces the availability of their new Software Change Management solution for IBM i, called TD/OMS Compact. The new product is dedicated to small IBM i development shops and teams that need an easy to use tool for their RPG, RPG ILE and/or Java development at an affordable price. The solution is available January 2014.

New product from Remain Software–TD/OMS Compact

TD/OMS Compact is a completely new approach to Software Change Management. Until now, SCM vendors have been offering only very complex tools, which seemed overwhelming for smaller teams. At Remain Software, we would like to give these teams a chance for better management of their applications’ lifecycle and show that SCM solutions like ours can be not only affordable, but also easy to use and implement“ says Marco Kok, managing director at Remain Software.

TD/OMS Compact is an easy to use and cost effective solution that facilitates and significantly improves software development on IBM i, Unix/Linux and Windows platforms. It will provide customers who don’t currently have any SCM tooling in place or use very basic or home-grown applications, all key functionality essential for the effective Software Change Management, such as incident, configuration and version management:

  • A Repository which stores the entire software configuration and change process definitions,
  • A Full Graphical User Interface,
  • Work Management to organize and take control over work, issues and changes made to applications,
  • Graphical Impact Analysis, showing all object relations in a clear, graphical way.

When the software development environment becomes more complex, users will be able to enhance TD/OMS Compact with more functionality or interfaces, such as transfer (deployment) to multiple locations or 4GL interfaces.

TD/OMS Compact is a low cost entry-level solution, which offers an innovative approach to the pricing model. Instead of traditional up-front license fee, customers can benefit from a clear and simple subscription model including remote support and frequent new software releases. Additional users can be added easily.

Benefits for your small team

Apart from the many obvious benefits customers will derive from an improved development process and automated support in delivering high quality software, some of the greatest advantages of TD/OMS Compact are simplicity of use and quick and easy implementation. Customers can quickly start working with TD/OMS Compact because of it’s pre-defined setup based on customers’ requirements and Remain Software best practices. This is especially important and beneficial for small teams which lack resources (people, time, etc.) for implementing and learning more complex tools.

Wim Jongman (CTO and managing director at Remain Software)concurs: "TD/OMS Compact has been predefined in such a way that customers get only functionality they need. TD/OMS Compact enables users to define a straight forward development process without wading through irrelevant features that traditionally come with SCM tools of this magnitude. Your advantage: up and running within a day or two at a very reasonable price. A quality step of this level has never been so easy and affordable!"


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