TD/OMS Release 9 Milestone 3

Tuesday, May 2, 2017
It is a pleasure to announce that TD/OMS Application Lifecycle Management is now available in version 9 milestone 3. It’s one step further towards the official release of TD/OMS V 9.1 scheduled for June 2017. We are looking forward to it!


  • Gravity integration in TD/OMS;
  • New object templates;
  • Improved assign/unassign the programmer feature in the dialog;
  • Easier to work with job messages in log inquiry;
  • And many more bugs fixes and enhancements are applied!

Gravity integration in TD/OMS

The first beta of the Gravity integration in TD/OMS is available. The feature allows you to show Gravity Items inside the TD/OMS work management tree. More information can be found here;

Create New Object Templates

New Object Templates can be created from the New Object wizard. See the tutorial to show how it is done here;

Assign/unassign the programmer in the dialog

Now you can right click on a task to assign/unassign the programmer in the dialog;

Transfer with large logs

Create a transfer with any large log in log inquiry working with job messages;

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