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TD/OMS V12 Milestone 1 Delivers Extended Support for GitLab, Testing, Integration and User Ability

Monday, November 04, 2019
We help you embrace change while remaining in control.
In our ongoing strides to help you "embrace change" and "remain in control" with improved solutions that make your life easier, we're happy to present TD/OMS V12 Milestone 1. Among its many enhancements, Milestone 1 features full support for GitLab, additional unit testing integration, remarkable advances in relation to Xref and more.

Our Milestones and annual releases would not be possible without your trust and feedback. Read on for an overview of some of the updates, additions and improvements to TD/OMS with this release.

Features of TD/OMS V12 Milestone 1

  • Extended GitLab support.
  • Unit test integration.
  • Connect to a task from Xref search results. 
  • Components filter.
  • Ability to access Xref from within the RDi LPEX editor.
  • Enhancements to the API for the Fix Report.
  • Added flexibility to defining details for Action Groups.
  • And much more!

GitLab Support

Our latest version has extended support for GitLab, including:

  • Uploading IBM i and/or IFS sources.
  • Workflow integrations.
  • Ticket integration.
  • Merge-request integration.

Unit Testing Integration

Unit testing is a very important step in the development cycle. We all know that sometimes changes have a negative impact on a requirement previously coded, and utilizing automated scripts and setting up unit testing helps ensure that all scenarios are tested, not only those scenarios that pertain to the current change. For added user support and flexibility, we have integrated unit testing into our GUI. There is a node below the task showing the list of unit test programs. We also have full integration with iRPGUnit and RPGUnit.

Connect Results from an Xref Search to a Task

Our Xref module provides the ability to search across all platforms in your enterprise for dependencies. If a database changes or you want to analyze the impact of a change, Xref will ensure that nothing is missed. We have enhanced Xref with the ability to directly connect search results (IBM i and IFS components) to a task. 

Components Filter

The component filter in the Component View has been enhanced to provide more flexibility when creating filters. The ability to exclude objects based on name, location and description is now available. Additionally, the user can filter based on multiple values selected for the object type, attribute, application and environment.

Enhanced User Ability for Xref 

Xref can be accessed from the menu, from the component view, and now from within the LPEX editor (available only in the RDi). You can initiate an Xref search by positioning the cursor on a word or highlighting a number of words in your source, and with a right mouse click the menu options appear for Xref searching.

Fix Report API Enhancement

The API for the Fix Report (OMQPRTFI) has been extended to contain ratification information and links to external ticket systems, such as Gravity, ServiceNow and Jira.

Extended Action Selection

In the actions selection, the ability use generic or mask names for the object detail has been enhanced.

Don't miss all of our Milestone 1 enhancements. Head over to our TD/OMS V12 Milestone 1 Wiki page to see them all! 


It is our priviledge to accompany you through your journey into the ever-changing future. 

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