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TD/OMS V14.0.2 and Gravity V7.0.2 are here!

Wednesday, February 16, 2022
At Remain Software we vow to provide innovative solutions for today and the future. And to be constantly advancing and adapting to deliver to our customers what they want and need. The result of our efforts? Our quarterly Milestones and annual Releases. So we're happy to announce, to all of you who rely on us, that the second Milestone of TD/OMS V14 and Gravity V7 is here!

What's in it?

Among the many enhancements that TD/OMS Milestone 2 brings, there are two new integrations available: Azure DevOps and SonarQube. Our signature change management application now also allows you to generate Rest API using Mustache templates, create new IFS objects, use the TFROBJOMS API to transfer the objects without a user interface, perform actions using multiselection, and more. Read on for an overview of some of its updates, additions, and improvements.

New in TD/OMS V14.0.2

TD/OMS Work Management in the Web

Using Octo, you can see all the tasks assigned to you in an organized a visual way.

You can configure it using ready-made templates or create your own using different layouts and available plugins, ultimately having all information conveniently shown in one space.

Please read the internal wiki documentation (login required) to find out how to plug in your TD/OMS.

TD/OMS Dashboard

The Octo TD/OMS Dashboard shows analytical information about the state of your TD/OMS server. It will signal warnings like missing source and problematic transfers. It contains trend analysis charts to show how your DevOps is improving over time.

Please read the internal wiki documentation (login required) to find out how to plug in your TD/OMS.

Azure DevOps integration

Azure DevOps is now integrated with TD/OMS.

You can create a server based on an Azure project and start producing filters to see work items, link them to a TD/OMS task, or request or even open an item directly in Azure.

Full documentation for all external integrations can be found on our wiki (login required):

Generate RPGLE Rest API using Mustache

Rest APIs can now be generated using a Mustache template. Mustache is a template engine for the creation of dynamic content.

The new generator can be installed using the following command:

Using Mustache templates gives you more flexibility and more control over the generated objects.

The new generator is now the default generator (1). If it is not working, you are still able to fall back to the legacy generator (2).

Possibility to create new IFS objects

Via the "Task" context menu, new IFS files can now be created.

If you want to copy an existing IFS file, you simply have to select an existing IFS file in the "Components" context menu.

More on how to create a new IFS file here.

Actions multiselection available

The "Delete branches" dialog has been converted to a wizard that runs the operation inside, updating the table live as it progresses.

The "Complete tasks" dialog has also been converted to a wizard with similar functionality.

Take a look at the full documentation on our wiki (login required):


SonarQube integration

SonarQube is now also integrated with TD/OMS.

By creating a server based on a SonarQube installation, you will be able to create filters to display issues related to the filter set properties.

Displayed SonarQube issues can then be linked to a TD/OMS task, or request to be opened in the SonarQube installation website.

Full documentation for all external integrations can be found on our wiki (login required):

New in Gravity V7.0.2


Gravity tasks can now be seen as a Kanban tool when using Octo

It shows tasks and assignments in an organized way, from to-dos, to work in progress, testing, and completed. You can easily move tasks from one column to another, delete them, and sort them at your convenience.

You can access it here.


Thank you for your ongoing trust and feedback.

Your input provides essential insights as we aim to deliver future-ready engineering solutions that support you and your business. 

We're prepared for your next step

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