The New RDi Compliant Compile Function (TD/OMS V. 6.5.3)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013
A significant enhancement has been added to our Software Change Management product for IBM i - TD/OMS. The latest version 6.5.3 of the software will integrate compile functionality with IBM® Rational® Developer for i (version 9) which will significantly streamline the entire code compile process. The enhanced TD/OMS 6.5.3 is available as of September 2013.

Previous improvements made to TD/OMS, announced earlier this year, were related to developers’ function ‘Work with Solution Compile’ in TD/OMS and gave access to compiling options that allow creating objects in the system without leaving the TD/OMS Solution Maintenance function. Further enhancements, available with the latest TD/OMS version make the compile functionality based on Type Code commands available from the GUI.

The new feature will be beneficial especially for all IBM® Rational® Developer for i (version 9) users. This is because the errors shown in TD/OMS will look exactly the same as in RDi. When selecting ‘Compile’ from the context menu of a solution, the compile wizard will be shown with the related Type code compile commands. Within the Remote Systems view the solution context menu will also contain the option “Show RSE error list” to open the Error list view with information (if any) relevant for the selected solution.

The new functionality will definitely speed up application maintenance process by making the compilation much easier and faster.


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