WindowBuilder Pro Version 7.6

Friday, June 25, 2010

WindowBuilder™ Pro v7.6: Supports Eclipse 3.6, the XML Window Toolkit (XWT), Smart GWT 2.2 and GXT 2.1 Data Binding

Remain and Instantiations are pleased to announce the release of WindowBuilder™ Pro v7.6, offering the following enhancements to the industry-leading Java GUI builder for Swing, SWT, RCP and GWT:

WindowBuilder Pro (All Designers)

  • Eclipse 3.6 Support – Maintaining our commitment to stay in sync with the annual Eclipse release train, Instantiations is pleased to provide full support for Eclipse 3.6 (Helios).


SWT Designer™

XWT Support - SWT Designer now supports the Eclipse XML Window Toolkit (XWT). XWT is an intuitive, powerful and lightweight declarative UI framework designed for Eclipse, based on XML as markup language. XWT simplifies UI development by a physical separation of UI definition in XML from the run-time logic in your programming language. XWT support within SWT Designer includes:

  • Wizards for creating XWT Applications and Composites 
  • Support for all SWT and JFace components and properties 
  • Support for all standard SWT layout managers like GridLayout and FormLayout 
  • Support for SWT event handling 
  • Bi-directional editing between the design view and the XML source code


GWT Designer™ (from v7.5)

  • Smart GWT v2.2 – Smart GWT is a GWT-based framework that allows you to not only utilize its comprehensive widget library for your application UI, but also tie these widgets in with your server-side for data management. Smart GWT is based on the powerful and mature SmartClient library, and is compatible with GWT 1.5.3 and above.


  • GXT v2.1 Data Binding Support – The Data Binding functionality in Ext GWT (GXT) v2.1 provides the following capabilities:

- Basic Binding between a model and a form. 

- Grid Binding of a model to a form based on the selection of a grid.