SQL Support


Modernizing your database from DDS to DDL (SQL) is becoming more and more popular. It has the power to reduce your development time and boost the performance of your applications. With SQL you are able to create, access and manipulate your database in an industry standard way.

If DB modernization is on your agenda or you are already a hardcore user then you need a tool that is able to manage this for you. Our TD/OMS software change management solution offers complete control of your software assets, including SQL. 

TD/OMS is the right tool that takes care of the SCM part of your SQL related activities. The SQL objects get the same treatment as all other objects and will be managed safely. Together with our consultants we determine the strategy that is the best fit between industry best practices and your company’s requirements and capabilities.

The dependencies of the SQL objects will be found by running our TD/OMS Impact Analysis in the same way as we do for any other object.  SQL specific elements, such as long names, are also supported.


The TD/OMS DDS to DDL conversion function enables you to quickly transform in case you want to modernize all or parts of your application.

We also help you with third party tooling to achieve your database modernization plans. We fully support Fresche’s X-A DB Modernize and the RPG Toolkit from Linoma which offer rich functionality. TD/OMS will help you to execute the forthcoming SCM related activities in the most efficient way. Other database modernization tools can also benefit from the SCM related activity support due to the open (API based) approach of TD/OMS.

Finally, the TD/OMS virtual object functionality offers you full control to treat an SQL script as a first class citizen in our change control. This implies that you can execute any script as required during your change control deployments.


“A perfect approach to use SQL for performing database conversion and data manipulation!”