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Supporting user groups means helping to advance the industry for all by facilitating future-forward education, the sharing of professional expertise and insight, and collaborative networking among developers, users and businesses. Connect with your community with your support of this unique vehicle for ongoing guidance through the ever-emerging tech horizon.

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Meet Remain Software

Where would you be without the ever-accelerating technology that’s propelled you this far? Its potential is miraculous. Its power is undeniable. But its nature is change. And so is ours. With more than 25 years as innovative leaders in software development, engineering and application lifecycle management, we thrive on growth and transformation — and on helping organizations like yours do the same.

Since 1992, Remain Software empowers clients worldwide with robust, reliable, flexible and scalable IT solutions for their evolving needs in task, workflow, end-to-end application lifecycle management and more. It’s increasingly true: Your strength in application development relies upon intelligent, stable and integrative application lifecycle management. They go hand-in-hand. Count on our DevOps solution, featuring our intuitive change-management, impact analysis, continuous testing and deployment. You’ll achieve streamlined development lifecycles and powerful capabilities for cross-team collaboration, standardization, work flow, productivity, dependencies oversight, change-impact assessment and more! 

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Our Solutions

Remain Focused/Productive. (IBM i, Windows, Unix, Linux, etc.) For small and large organizations alike, Gravity refines workflow processes to increase visibility in the management of projects across your entire organization.  

Remain Connected. With Remain API Studio, create and edit REST APIs that are full OAS spec-compliant API definitions, all with speed, ease and reliability. We have you covered and supported through the entire API design/maintenance process!  

Embrace Change. (IBM i ((Power Systems)), Windows and Unix/Linux.) Tackle your DevOps strategy with TD/OMS and easily manage software change, testing and deployments in one cohesive solution for your entire enterprise.

Make your life easy. With our new MiWorkplace editor, an integrated evolving development environment for the IBM i platform. It's been developed for the users and with the users with the aim of adapting to all your needs.


Our corporate video is a great introduction to Remain Software. Our managing partner and CTO share the vision of Remain Software and how we can assist your enterprise with robust, flexible ALM solutions. 

During this short overview presentation, we’ll walk you through the smooth and intuitive process of handling all aspects of development changes utilizing TD/OMS and Gravity, our signature ALM and workflow solutions. 

Why are Remain Software customers so excited about our latest annual release? We compiled a playlist that will walk you through each of the highlights for TD/OMS from our June 17, 2020, full-version release.

As always, we're happy to help you embrace change and remain in control through the growth, evolution and development of your business.

You're on your way.

And we're prepared for your next step.