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TD/OMS Allows Accell To Modernize More Consistently

Remain Software implemented TD/OMS at Accell IT Services. This subsidiary of the Accell Group is the IT department of the largest bicycle manufacturer in the Netherlands. The well-known brands of Batavus, Koga Miyata and Sparta all fall under the Accell flag. TD/OMS from Remain ensures that software updates at Accell are less labour intensive. TD/OMS also make the updates a lot more consistent. At Accell, IT director Menno Bokslag and software manager Erik Lok were responsible for the implementation.

“At Accell we very much wanted to handle IT for ourselves”, says Bokslag. According to the director retaining responsibility for IT is the best way to keep control of the business processes. Accell has a long history of developing business applications for itself. It has its own ERP system, called Ace. “We have been working with Ace since 2001, with what in effect is a continued development of the system that we already inherited from ATAG in 1986. The continued development and modifying of those systems, with a growing team, meant that we had an increasingly greater need for a Software Change Management solution such as TD/OMS, as supplied by Remain.”


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