TD/OMS and RPG Toolbox Interface

Modernize your RPG applications to Free-Format RPG with TD/OMS and RPG Toolbox

The RPG Toolbox plug-in for Rational Developer for i (RDi) gives you the ability to convert to free-form and to indent free-form logic. It also allows preferred setup for a flexible control of conversion options. According to your needs, you can convert entire source code to free-format, you can also convert the particular blocks of code.

Why should you convert your applications to Free-Format RPG with TD/OMS and RPG Toolbox?

  • RPG Toolbox integrated within TD/OMS
  • Unlimited conversions
  • Streamlined compilation of new software
  • Higher quality of applications, less bugs
  • Easier application management
  • Reduced software complexity
  • Old version of an application can be easily stored - source code can be reviewed before and after the conversion
  • Improved maintainability of apps with standardized and consistent source code
  • Increase in code usability and readability
  • Money & time savings
  • Easier to find engineers developing in modern languages

RPG Toolbox integrated within TD/OMS

With RPG Toolbox integrated within TD/OMS your legacy applications maintained with the Remain's application life cycle management solution can easily be modernized to free-form RPG. The entire process takes place under the TD/OMS control, so no data can be missed (TD/OMS stores the previous version of your software, so you can go back to it anytime, and keep the track/history of your software for reporting purposes - audit/SOX/ISO compliance). With such streamlined modernization process your new, modernized applications can be up and running really quickly. 

Thanks to the conversion to free-format also the time that you normally spend on software maintenance will be significantly reduced due to more standardized and consistent source code. 

If your business applications are still written in the old RPGLE/RPG IV it's time for a change.