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WEBINAR ON DEMAND: TD/OMS, X-Analysis & RDi in a Unified ALM Workflow for IBM i

There’s a lot of upfront work that developers and analysts need to do before starting a new project. They need to know which code and other resources will be impacted and where the changes need to happen. For some developers, this process can even be described as a scavenger hunt through the code, trying to bring all the pieces together – a manual effort that is very time consuming and prone to error. However, there is a better way.

The unified ALM workflow solution for IBM i developed by Remain Software and Fresche Legacy combines two leading solutions (TD/OMS and X-Analysis) for a complete Application Lifecycle Management solution that changes the way developers work, improving productivity and accuracy through a unique, integrated interface.

With this solution, you can:

  • Improve accuracy by taking advantage of two of the best market solutions in ALM and code analysis
  • Deliver quality by making the most of the solution’s key features
  • Save time with the seamless integration of TD/OMS and X-Analysis
  • Benefit from extensions to IBM’s RDi LPEX editor

In this webinar, Remain Software's CTO, Wim Jongman, and X-Analysis Product Manager, Ray Everhart, will perform a live demo of the unified ALM workflow, going through the entire lifecycle of a development project to show how this solution provides:

  • Real-time seamless integration between code analysis, editing and management
  • Up-front analysis of the entire scope of change in a task or project
  • Powerful impact analysis and automated code review during promotions
  • Creation of tasks in TD/OMS from within X-Analysis
  • Adding of objects to existing TD/OMS tasks from within X-Analysis


Wim Jongman
Co-managing Partner and CTO
Remain Software

Wim has dedicated his career to development of future-proof Application Lifecycle Management solutions for IBM i. With his team at Remain Software he has been building an extensive ALM tool, TD/OMS, and leading the development project for a next generation ALM solution called Gravity, designed to run on a multitude of platforms and based on modern technologies.


Ray Everhart
Senior IBM i Analyst, X-Analysis Product Manager
Fresche Legacy

Ray has spent years helping IBM i companies by assessing their RPG, COBOL and CA 2E (Synon) applications and processes to improve business outcomes. As Product Manager for X-Analysis, he works closely with IBM i customers to understand their business goals and technical needs in order to drive innovation within the product suite.

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