X-Analysis interface

A unified Application Lifecycle Management workflow for IBM i

Users looking at improving software development process and who would like to better understand their IBM i environment  can now benefit from a modern, unified application lifecycle management workflow developed by Remain Software and Fresche Legacy. The integrated solutions, TD/OMS and X-Analysis provide a single managed workflow including code management, editing and analysis. 

an ultra-modern industry standard in development and management of IBM i applications.

A powerful impact analysis and automated code review during promotions will help developers to maintain standards and resolve problems before they reach QA or production. Graphical analysis and documentation provide visual understanding for unfamiliar application areas with objects and code ring fenced for projects and assigned tasks. By integrating these features into the highly configurable but easy-to-implement TD/OMS ALM solution, developers have access to all the code analysis information they need, while the workflow is automated and controlled to provide consistent quality and productivity.


The sophisticated interface which combines Remain Software’s TD/OMS with Fresche Legacy's X-Analysis and benefits from extensions to IBM’s RDi LPEX editor results in an ultra-modern industry standard in development and management of IBM i applications.

Benefit from the synergy of top IBM i solutions

  • Highly integrated, bi-directional ALM workflow
  • Productivity increase
  • Reduced cost of software maintenance and modernization
  • Changes can be done much quicker and without the need for manual processes
  • Easy maintenance and support of several software versions
  • In-depth graphical analysis of software assets and application change influence
  • Full control over the change process
  • Stable and secure development and deployment to production environment of a modernized software
  • Control and storage of application versions with source compare and merge and peer review functionality
  • Protected investments
  • Laws, regulations and audits' compliance