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X-Analysis View: move RPG and COBOL projects forward faster

Understanding your code, data model and the impact of changes to the system can be difficult. With X-Analysis View (formerly Fresche View), you can automatically generate interactive graphical documentation – charts and graphs that provide a 360-degree view into your RPG and COBOL applications. Gain insight into your application and data and significantly reduce the time and effort required to modify, maintain and test IBM i applications. This way, you’ll meet your business needs faster.

With X-Analysis View, you’ll be able to understand the impact of code changes across all your applications and make those changes with confidence. This results in better development, faster testing and greatly reduced risk. X-Analysis View shows you where to focus testing efforts so you can move projects forward quickly. It also allows you to onboard new developers faster as they can quickly navigate applications by seeing a high-level graphical view of them.


Introducing Fresche View