Detailed metrics analysis of all code and databases running on your IBM i helps you plan future development.

Applications running on IBM i are typically large and complex. They’ve been developed by a variety of programmers and analysts over years or decades. Without an automated audit and analysis tool, understanding the code in such applications is almost impossible, especially for new resources who have to take over maintenance and development. In addition, planning becomes more difficult, as you are unsure what complications may be hidden in a given program. X-Audit provides an exhaustive breakdown of every aspect of the application portfolio.

X-Audit analyzes quality, complexity, change

X-Audit gives you detailed application and database metrics, including lists and locations of constraints, duplicates, unused files, multiple record formats, missing sources, unused subroutines and procedures and a host of database related problems. Without this linked cross-referenced summary of your applications and databases, change management becomes a guessing game, and testing times and remediation cycles increase. In addition, without a thorough knowledge of your applications, modernization of even small parts of the system becomes daunting. Complexity measures such as Cyclomatic, Halstead and Maintainability Index help you decide how best to proceed with changes.

X Audit for Better Managing IBM i Applications