X- Datatest: test undocumented IBM i applications

How can you manage testing on IBM i?

IBM i applications have typically been heavily modified over the years, and they usually do not come with a complete library of test cases or specifications. Yet, testing is the key to successful development and smooth implementation. Without solid, appropriately-sized test databases and strong test management, it becomes almost impossible to ensure that errors and inconsistencies are eliminated before go-live. X-Datatest provides everything you need to accurately and thoroughly test your IBM i application environment.

X-Datatest provides a fully-equipped framework and appropriate tools that configure and automate test cases; it gives you the complete independence to carry out advanced testing operations. X-Datatest automates the building and data refreshing of test database subsets and improves regression testing. Comparison reports help isolate errors while the tools provide data masking, aging, and filters. -Datatest has developed the industry-leading approach to testing IBM i applications, with full coverage of all avenues of testing.