X- Rules: Automated business rule analysis and extraction

In IBM i systems that have been developed over decades, business rules ultimately come to run the business. Unfortunately, rules are rarely documented or fully understood. Programmers often must implement new programs with only a basic understanding of how the program impacts existing rules and processes. Documenting and understanding rules is the first step to improving your business. X-Rules creates a structured repository of rules written in easily readable code for analysts and business stakeholders.

X-Rules documents your business logic

You cannot improve what you do not know and do not measure. X-Rules gives you a complete picture of the rules that run your business, even ones that were implemented 25 years earlier. Using X-Rules, Business Analysts can read rules in pseudo code. And developers can implement new programs with a complete understanding of how the program impacts existing rules and processes, eliminating extra testing and cost.

X-Rules instantly exposes your complete business rules inventory

Here’s an example of how Fresche’s X-Rules tool provides instant access to an IBM i system’s business rule assets, even for non-experts. A company has the following business rule: “A customer order must be allocated to a sales representative”. This rule will end up being implemented in RPG as seen on the left below. On the right-hand side is an example of how this code is summarized in a form of readable pseudo-code by X-Rules.