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IBM i Change Management and DEVOPS

TD/OMS final release v16.1 is Out!!


Want to get right to the details?

Remain Software Webinar July 2024

Unlock the Transformative Power of TD/OMS V16.1 with Remain Software's CTO

webinar remain

Remain Software's Chief Technology Officer, Wim Jongman invites you to an exclusive webinar showcasing the groundbreaking features of our latest TD/OMS V16.1 release. This transformative update is poised to revolutionize your IBM i application lifecycle management, propelling your business to new heights of efficiency and productivity.During this interactive session, WIm will guide you through the innovative capabilities of TD/OMS V16.1, demonstrating how it can streamline your workflows, enhance security, and unlock unprecedented levels of automation.


Change is the nature of your development and business lifecycles.
Count on us for expertise, solutions, and support for your application lifecycle management (ALM), including DevOps, streamlined workflow, and enhanced productivity.

Manage change, and remain in control with Remain Software!

Manage Change,

No Sweat.

Change: It’s the nature of life, the nature of business, and the nature of your development lifecycle in business. Now manage it more easily, intuitively and effectively than ever before. Witness what’s possible in end-to-end application lifecycle management and why it’s exactly what you need for enhanced productivity, risk reduction and peace of mind across departments, disciplines and teams. 

This brief demo will walk you through the smooth and intuitive process of handling development changes on IBM i and other platforms utilizing TD/OMS and Gravity, our signature ALM and workflow solutions. Engineered to work the way developers think, these robust tools facilitate exceptional collaboration, communication, transparency, oversight and fluidity, accessible to everyone involved.



Remain API Studio

Looking to implement REST APIs? Creating and editing them with speed and reliability couldn't be easier than with our Remain API Studio, a standalone or TD/OMS-integrated client for creating and managing REST definitions.

Containing built-in documentation for all parts of the OAS 3.0 spec-compliant definition, it also includes a rich visual editor with API testing, import, export, code generation and more.

See for yourself how easy it is!



Git Interface for DevOps

TD/OMS, our ALM and DevOps solution, interfaces seamlessly with the Git family solutions and provides an intuitive UI between the Git products, your team’s development processes and TD/OMS. The integration supports easy source management involving multiple environments/platforms to task-based development and testing within isolated environments and more. Results include increased speed, accuracy and productivity, and a confident, future-ready view of your ongoing development.


Advanced Cross-Ref

Have you ever missed a dependency? You know the potential for the negative impact on your production environment and your customers’ experience. Our landscape is changing. In addition to developing IBM i objects, we’ve expanded to include various platforms and languages (PHP, Python, Java) in our applications. Xref, TD/OMS' reliable and intuitive source code search and cross-reference engine, ensures superb oversight and impact assessment so you don't miss any dependencies across your enterprise.


Who We Are

Expertise | Commitment | Innovation

Our Commitment

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, and providing exceptional support is our top priority. We build long-term relationships with our customers by delivering exceptional software solutions, prompt customer support, and collaborative relationships.

We live on the cutting edge of technology to continuously provide new enhancements, fixes, and integrations on a set schedule each year. Helping your organization manage change, grow, and prosper is our goal.

Your Next Step

No matter the industry, size, or scope of your organization, we're prepared for your next step with reliable, flexible, cost-effective solutions for IBM i and multi-platform environments.

Embrace change. And Remain stable, productive, and supported!

Happy Customers

"Since choosing Remain, our IT and development department has far exceeded its initial goals and is now accomplishing tasks and projects in record speed, with exceptional results and far-reaching impact. The ROI for our business is clearly measurable, from the start of any given development cycle to end-user satisfaction, boosted productivity and ultimate increased revenues."

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