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TD/OMS v16.0 Milestone 3

Wednesday, May 15, 2024
Cover Milestone 3

TD/OMS v16.0 Milestone 3 Streamlines DevOps with Enhanced Security, Automation, and Integrations

We're excited to announce the arrival of TD/OMS v16.0 Milestone 3, the latest update to our powerful DevOps platform. This milestone builds upon the advancements introduced in Milestone 2, delivering even more features to empower your development and deployment processes.


Get ready to experience

  • Enhanced Security: Experience a more robust development environment.
  • Streamlined Automation: Simplify workflows and boost efficiency.
  • Seamless Integrations: Connect your tools and processes with greater ease.
  • Improved Web/VSCode Integration: Enjoy a smoother development experience.
  • Resolved GUI and Server Issues: Benefit from increased stability and performance.
  • OpenAPI Generator Enhancements: Leverage powerful API generation capabilities.

This update empowers you to build, deploy, and manage applications faster and more efficiently. Stay tuned for a detailed breakdown of the new features, or contact us today to discover how TD/OMS v16.0 Milestone 3 can revolutionize your DevOps strategy!

Please Access the Pages and Full Release Notes Here!

Remain Software Fast Tracks Octo - The Future of Full Stack DevOps is Here!

Calling all DevOps enthusiasts! Remain Software is thrilled to announce the rapid development of Octo, our advanced Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool. We're working around the clock and racing to finish the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which will integrate it seamlessly into our flagship TD/OMS platform by the next full release.

Just like a pit crew preparing a race car for the next lap, our team is tirelessly working day and night to get Octo ready for its debut. We're fine-tuning every component, optimizing performance, and ensuring a seamless integration with our existing platform.


Car Mechenic
Car on track at night

Grab a Sneak Peek of Octo at COMMON POWERUp

While the official unveiling is forthcoming, we're offering an exclusive look at Octo's potential to revolutionize your DevOps workflow. Visit our booth #214 in the Expo Hall at COMMON POWERUp 2024 in Fort Worth, Texas!

Like a finely-tuned race car, Octo is designed to accelerate your software delivery process, leaving the competition in the dust.


What to Expect with Octo?

Octo represents the future of ALM, empowering development teams with a unified and streamlined experience for managing the entire software delivery lifecycle. Here's a glimpse of what Octo offers:

Enhanced Collaboration and Visibility: Streamline workflows and gain exceptional visibility across the entire development pipeline.

Effortless Requirements Management: Capture, organize, and prioritize requirements with ease, ensuring perfect alignment with business goals.

Simplified Release Planning: Plan and schedule releases, manage dependencies effectively, and orchestrate cross-team efforts for efficient delivery.

Improved Quality with Powerful Test Management: Design, execute, and track both manual and automated tests, guaranteeing software quality throughout the development cycle.

Actionable Reporting and Analytics: Gain valuable insights into project health, progress, and identify potential bottlenecks for continuous improvement.

VS Code Integration: Octo will integrate with the popular VS Code IDE, allowing developers to seamlessly access ALM features and collaborate within their preferred coding environment.


Revolutionize Your DevOps with OCTO!

Join us at booth #214 and experience the future of DevOps with Remain Software! We're pushing the limits to cross the finish line with Octo's MVP release this summer.


New and Noteworthy in TD/OMS V16

I02631 - Action group on SL is wrongly executed

When an action group selection is specified with 'Object Detail' detail and value '*BLANK' then this selection would be inverted. This means that some action groups will stop functioning.

This bug was introduced with V15.0 Milestone 3 and has been patched in V15.1M02. User may upgrade to V16 milestones as well.

To check if you are affected:

  • Check if you are V15M03, V15.1M01, V16.0M01, V16.0M02 --> You must upgrade
  • If you are on V16.0M03 check if you are before March 16, 2024 --> You must upgrade


All affected V15 users must upgrade to V15.1M02 All affected V16 users must upgrade to V16.0M02 or V16.0M03 Nightly

What can happen

Action Groups that are executed on SP,SL,EL,EP,SD and ED that use the 'Object Detail' detail and value '*BLANK' selection may not trigger anymore or trigger when a member is promoted. This may have an effect on the following standard actions groups:

  • Constraints and Triggers - Apply and clean-up
  • Constraints and Triggers - Distribute
  • Constraints and Triggers - Store and Remove
  • SQL Stored Procedure check & drop from schema
  • SQL Stored Procedure distribution procedure
  • SQL Stored Procedure object transfer


If you cannot upgrade quickly the the following workaround is possible:

  1. Check which groups have the 'Object Detail' detail and value '*BLANK' selection
  2. Write down this selection
  3. Reverse this selection ('+' becomes '-' and vice versa)

After the upgrade you must again reverse the selection.

Introducing the New Solutions View & Addressing Large File Transfers in TD/OMS

T00376 - Create a new Solutions View

We have a new view that shows the solutions (objects attached to a task) in a separate table. This makes working with large tasks a lot easier.
The documentation can be found here

02041 - Unable to deploy transfers over 2GB

The TD/OMS legacy file transfer module cannot handle file transfers when the save file to be sent is over 2GB. This is a limitation of the current deployment application. We are currently rolling out a new deployment mechanism that does not contain this limitation and, amongst other things, provides encrypted connections. To mitigate the problem, we produced two new registry settings to allow for compression of the save file:

Create a new Solutions View
Support type details in the definitions

Enhanced Definitions View & Streamlined Version Control in TD/OMS

T00373 - Support type details in the definitions

Type details have been added in the definitions view. Now the pre-compile commands, compile commands and post-compile commands can be viewed, created, changed or deleted under a compile type.

02621 - Always process version conflicts

Version conflicts were not signaled when the objects comes from development instead of being checked out from production.

This sometimes happens when developers import work that they have been doing on their private libraries, or when objects are received from a third party.

Version conflicts are now checked on every move and checkout.


We are moving all TD/OMS business logic into separate programs for our back-end modernization project. These APIs can also be called using a command with the same name. To access additional information about these APIs, please click on the link below.

Server issues/enhancements resolved

T00380 - Add capability to return the target library and source file from the new object rest API.
A new path '/location' has been added to the new object rest API to return the source and object library.
I02685 - REST Spoolfile API
The time to fetch spoolFile content is reduced.
I02682 - Retrieve Database API issue with the response file name
The filename in the Retrieve database API response should be "ObjectOMS" rather than "Object."
I02661 - Wrong file name in OMDDI
In the OMDDI file, "CreateObjectMonitorExtended" should be updated to "CreateMonitorExtended" for the OMCOMV1 file.
I02662 - Retrieve Database API issue
The Database API was not providing accurate results for IFS records.
I02663 - Dashboard- Cursor getrecords is closed
The dashboard API was encountering an error with the message "A cursor getrecords is closed."
I02667 - Terminate OMQCHJD *SRVPGM & Module
We've developed the job description API OMQCHGJD. Consequently, the *SRVPGM associated with OMQCHGJD is obsolete and not in use anymore.
I02651 - TFROBJOMS doesn't work with the high sub-environment number
Now the remote transfer can be done by having the library list seq# combination of less than and greater than 999.
I02664 - Wrong authority for Fusion Pro CPP
Fusion Pro Command processing programs are now authorized as PUBLIC *USE.
I02659 - Solution points to second sub-environment
The solution record was updated multiple times for the same object in multiple targets. The record is now only updated if it was not updated before.
I02652 - Add object information to ACT0104 and ACT0105
The object library, code and type information have been added to these message IDs.
I02551 - STRFM - Branch creation issue
When attempting to create a branch with the option CB for a task assigned to a different programmer, the branch was created, but it was not set in the task. Now a code 2 user can not create a branch for the task that was created by a code 3 user.

New and Noteworthy in OCTO V1.2.3

New and Noteworthy in OCTO V1.2.3

Create new objects

Octo now enables the creation of new objects in VSCode and the Web.

New Object
Source Editor

Enhancements to Source File Editor

Enhanced Alert Mechanism: In case the source file cannot be saved for any reason, an alert warning will immediately pop up to notify you. Additionally, the editor will intelligently switch the source file to a read-only state, ensuring that you can still access and review the content without risking any unintended alterations.

Enhancing Task URL Navigation for User Flexibility

Currently, when a task URL is clicked, users are directed to the Solution tab within the item editor by default. While this provides a quick access point, it limits user control and flexibility. Recognizing the importance of empowering users, we propose a solution to allow customization of the default tab selection through URL parameters

Enhancing Task URL
Octo Workspace in VS Code

Open an Octo Workspace in VS Code

You can now open a workspace in VS Code. This is one of more coming steps aiming to make the interaction with an Octo workspace between the web client and VS Code simple, stateful and seamless.

Improved Source Editor with Enhanced Syntax Highlighting

The source editor now boasts an upgraded feature set, including advanced source code syntax highlighting. Notably, it can seamlessly showcase the syntax of the most prevalent source code extensions, enhancing readability and usability for users.

Enhanced Syntax Highlighting
Editor with Production

Enhanced Source Editor with Production Comparison Feature

The source editor has been upgraded with a powerful source comparison feature. Users can now easily compare their code with the production version from an Object file, facilitating efficient editing and seamless saving of changes.

New and Noteworthy in Gravity V9 Milestone 3

GUI issues/enhancements resolved

I02617 - updates for Xref UI
Added help and hints on the simple search dialog. Removed warning message 'not Admin ...' in Preference page when user is not the Gravity admin user.
Server issues/enhancements resolved


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