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Common POWERUp 2024

Common PowerUp COver

Remain Software is Powering Efficiency with OCTO Web & VS Code.

Elevate your IBM i expertise and network with the industry's best at COMMON POWERUp 2024! Held in Fort Worth, Texas from May 20th to 23rd, this event offers a unique blend of high-quality educational sessions, insightful conversations with industry experts and solution providers, and the opportunity to connect with a vibrant community of IBM i professionals. Immerse yourself in the latest IBM i knowledge, forge valuable connections, and experience the scenic charm of Fort Worth – don't miss this chance to grow both professionally and personally!

May 20 - 23 | Booth 214

1201 Houston St, Fort Worth, TX 76102

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Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Change Management, Workflow Automation, DevOps, and Integration 
We provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to manage your applications throughout their entire lifecycle.

Remain Software Products and Services

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TD/OMS supports IBM i (Power), Windows, and Unix/Linux systems, managing software changes, development, deployment, and modernization.

Remain Software's user-designed IDE: open, integrated, modern, serving as a green screen alternative.

Streamlined multi-platform project and workflow management, customized for user needs, simplifying tasks with one solution.

APIs use JSON for data exchange, REST for interoperability, and OAS standards for efficient development with Remain API Studio.

Octo TD/OMS Dashboard: Analyzes server state, flags warnings, and provides trend analysis for DevOps improvement.

Intertwined applications across platforms require comprehensive oversight for efficient management and integration, ensuring success.

X-Analysis: Comprehensive suite for IBM i applications, offering detailed analysis, interactive diagrams, and modernization automation.

TD/OMS Journal Analyzer: Quickly filter and query IBM i journals to identify data changes and their origins easily.

ReplicTest - IBM i automated and augmented end-to-end testing tool for inter, batch, and web applications.


Remain Software empowers businesses to achieve seamless application lifecycles. Our integrated suite delivers comprehensive solutions for application lifecycle management (ALM), change management, workflow automation, DevOps, and integration.

This powerful combination streamlines development processes, minimizes errors, and accelerates delivery, allowing you to focus on innovation and outperform your competition.