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Solutions for Data Base and Application Modernization

Organizations need to stay up-to-date with their key business applications. And keeping track of software changes and automating the development process is extremely important to application modernization. Our modernization solutions, 25 years of expertise, and worldwide partnership with the top IBM i suppliers allow us to provide flexible and cost-effective applications to modernize and improve your working environment and business.

Modernize to PHP

Management of Mobile

Zend: Development, Deployment, and Management of Mobile and Web Applications

Users are demanding access to the data and business logic on your IBM i, so your modernization strategy has to be more than simple screen scraping. It's necessary to deliver information to a myriad of devices, with the same level of security, resiliency, and performance as the back-office applications on your IBM i.

Zend is the premier provider of an enterprise-grade application platform for PHP, Zend Server. Best of all, Zend Server runs natively on the IBM i and is available as a simple and free download to every IBM i customer.


WebSmart PHP: Rapid Open-Source PHP Desktop and Mobile Web Application Development

WebSmart PHP is the fastest way for RPG, PHP, and other programmers to develop IBM i and multi-platform PHP web applications. It's more than a PHP editor: It's a rapid web application development tool that includes program templates that guide you through creating database-driven web applications in minutes.

The templates not only allow to write an input screen in an hour or less, but it greatly helps through the learning curve in moving to the PHP language.  PHP is fully supported by IBM and Zend on the IBM i. WebSmart PHP runs with Zend Server if hosting on IBM Power Systems.       


Rapid Open-Source

Modernize your front-end


Presto: Green Screen Modernization and Mobilization

Presto is the fastest way to give your green screens and new RPG applications the modern web GUI users expect. They benefit from intuitive screens that are accessible from desktops and mobile devices. Presto also makes it easy for IBM i programmers without HTML experience to add new functionality that increases productivity. 

Presto transforms your green screens into modern, intuitive web pages that increase user satisfaction and reduce training costs. All of your existing green screens are instantly accessible as modern web pages without requiring changes to your RPG or COBOL source code. 


NewLook Developer: Development and Green Screen Modernization

Newlook Developer is a powerful application development and green screen modernization tool that automatically transforms your 5250 green screens into modern UI’s for desktop, web, and mobile.

Supporting a rich set of GUI controls, desktop integration, web services and direct database access, Newlook Developer lets you extend the functionality of your IBM i applications by modernizing and providing quick and secure access how and when you need.

Newlook Developer includes a key feature that allows developers to record and import user behavior - immediately creating a visual representation showing screens accessed most often, user processes and workflows, navigation trends and most-used fields.





Modernize your RPG code


RPG Toolbox: Modernizing RPG Programs

RPG Toolbox enables to modernize your RPG programs, write applications faster and maintain source code more effectively. With RPG Toolbox integrated within software change management solution TD/OMS, your legacy applications maintained with the Remain's application lifecycle management solution can easily be modernized to free-form RPG.

The RPG Toolbox plug-in for Rational Developer for i (RDi) gives you the ability to convert to free-form and to indent free-form logic. It also allows preferred setup for a flexible control of conversion options. According to your needs, you can convert entire source code to free-format, you can also convert the particular blocks of code.


Modernize your data base



X-DB Modernize facilitates automatic DDS-to-DDL conversion. The product converts the database, copies production data into the new database and does not require re-compiling of programs. Before conversion to DDL, X-DB Modernize provides an automated report of any problems that require attention.

This helps you identify and resolve issues in advance of conversion. PF files with non-unique keys, files with zero members and no matching parent keys in derived constraints are just some of the issues highlighted in the report.


Modernize your back-end

Modernization Suite: X-Analysis Suite

X-Analysis is a comprehensive suite that provides everything you need to understand, manage and improve your IBM i applications. The suite provides detailed analysis and interactive diagrams that enable an in-depth understanding of RPG, COBOL, and CA 2E (Synon) applications and data. It is used to document, analyze and describe systems in a simple manner that can then be shared throughout the organization, even with members who are not technical.

Fresche View is the products of the X-Analysis Suite. With Fresche View you’ll be able to understand the impact of code changes across all your applications and make those changes with confidence. This results in better development, faster testing and greatly reduced risk.



Modernize your front end and back end

TD/OMS: Software Change Management and Modernization

TD/OMS is a modular solution that gives complete control over the software life cycle process and provides a real-time overview of software components and configuration. The entire modernization process takes place under the TD/OMS control, and no data can be missed (TD/OMS stores the previous version of your software, so you can go back to it anytime, and keeps track of your software history for reporting purposes).

With such streamlined modernization process in place your new, modernized applications can be up and run really quickly. 


back-end modernization

LANSA offers Staged front and back-end modernization

LANSA's Modernization Approach addresses both your immediate 5250 web-enablement needs, as well as strategic long-term modernization, replacement, and new development requirements.  

LANSA lets you rapidly consolidate your web-enabled 5250 applications into an easy to navigate framework of composite applications. Optionally and incrementally, you can then replace and extend your 5250 programs with new components in a timeframe that makes sense to your organization.

You can deploy the new components, built with LANSA’s low-code platform, across any hybrid mix of Cloud (Amazon Web Services /MicroSoft Azure), Windows, Linux and/or IBM i. So, you don’t have to put innovation on hold while your platform mix is unsure.


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