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Wednesday, June 17, 2020
"Fall" for the features and land in good hands with Gravity V5.1. Since natural laws don't always apply favorably to workflow and project- and ticket-management, we apply the powerful elements of increased productivity, visibility and collaboration with Gravity. Today's release delivers new features and enhancements.

Remain Focused; You Got This!


XREF, our advanced multi-platform cross-ref search engine, is better than ever:

  • Increased flexibility with Groups.

  • Parallel processing.

  • Search capabilities improvements - Exact Match.

Visit our milestone page for more information. 

Link Enhancements

With the enhanced Gravity UI, you'll quickly catch attachments or comments associated with an item via a counter next to the "Attachment" heading. Another counter shows the number of links, enabling users to immediately determine if links are associated with an item and to access them readily. Additionally, a new window enables easy link-item copying and your preferred "open" method. 

Additional Configuration Options

Not only can you configure the footer on the login page but you can also configure the main menu, and both are accessible via the Settings option from the main menu. The authorities are configurable for the menu options Accounts, Analytics, Settings and Gravity API, providing a view that only contains what users need.

Prepared for Your Next Step ...

We thank you for your ongoing confidence and intelligent feedback, especially as this past season has likely taken an extra toll on your daily lives. Your thoughtful input provides for us essential insights as we aim to deliver excellence in future-ready engineering in support of you and your business. 

It's our pleasure to accompany you to and through the ever-emerging tech horizon.

From the entire Remain Software team, here's to your good health and development success!


Current customers, head now to the Gravity V5.1 wiki page and fall for the features!

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