Software Change Management support for Jenkins

It cannot be denied, CI as a development practice has become ubiquitous and there are customers looking for a way to pull the IBM i platform into their Jenkins CI tool chain. To accommodate these users Remain has enhanced its core TD/OMS application with a Jenkins client so that Jenkins jobs are no longer restricted to Linux/Unix and Windows but can also be run on the IBM i.

With the addition of the Jenkins client, it is now possible to run an IBM i program or CL from a Jenkins job and see the result of the job in Jenkins. From a CI perspective, the IBM i is now a full partner for any Jenkins setup whether it is for building, testing or deploying. 

Jenkins and TD/OMS integration

For some time now Jenkins has been available for the Linux/Unix and Windows software development environments as a first-class Continuous Integration server (build, test, deploy and more).

Having Jenkins not reach out to the IBM i was for short not really a big issue, IBM i development teams using TD/OMS are on the whole very satisfied with how the development process is being managed and very little is involved in continuous integration setups.