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Check out our new milestone V15.0.2

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

A Deep dive into our DevOps solutions

Each time we launch a new milestone, we go deeper. Similar to the challenge of free diving. Not only improving our solutions but also adding new functions and features to help you to stay ahead of your competition. We invite you to the new and noteworthy of Milestone 2So if you're ready to take your application development to the next level, dive into the depths of ALM and discover the many benefits we offer with our solutions.

Have a look at the new features of Milestone V15.0.2

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free dive

TD/OMS V15 Milestone 2

Flexible Job Descriptions.

After the installation of this milestone, the NORMAL and FAST job descriptions have been converted to new logic. You are now able to add new Job Descriptions using the STRJDM command.

This system enables you to define default job descriptions at every step in the workflow using an inheritance chain. You can add and override job descriptions at various different levels.

Result of the database call

TD/OMS Database Login REST API

A Rest API has been created to log into TD/OMS and get a security token for further API access. The token is based on JWT technology. If you want to get access to the TD/OMS REST API, you need to set up your Apache server with the following command (if you don't have them, restore library ILEASTIC and LIBHTTP first from the savefile in your TD/OMS library):

Allow user options to appear in the top-level menu

can now appear in the top-level context menu.

More information can be found in the user options view to help

Gravity V8MS2

New and Noteworthy in Gravity 8 Milestone 2

OAuth2 support for mail handling 


Support has been added to the mail handler for OAuth2 authentication when mail is being processed on Outlook or Gmail. The OAuth2 access token will be automatically retrieved for the mail server connection prior to accessing the mail server. The mail handler UI has been expanded to support an OAuth2 configuration.

User lockout on failed logins

Depending on the UI settings a user will be locked out from Gravity when the number of consecutive failed login attempts has exceeded the allowed maximum.

The user cannot access his or her account until the lock out expires (locked-out time) or the administrator resets the lock out flag.

Sign-up user email address restriction

Users' sign-up can be restricted to configured email address domains using the Restrict to Domains setting in the general configuration.

OCTO V1.0.2

 Kanban Cards can link to details.

A card title can link to an external URL. For TD/OMS, this will link to the new web Work Management function.

This functionality is available to you, but a setup is required.

Work Management on the Web

With our new Database REST API and our web framework OCTO, we are able to work with TD/OMS Tasks in the browser!

Please let us know if you want to give this new function a spin and we will help you get started.

Change remote settings


The remote configurations are changed, only the API URL and the configuration name are needed.

For further information check out the following links