Remain API Studio General Availability for REST API Development

Wednesday, June 17, 2020
We are excited to announce our general availability of our in-house developed Remain API Studio, available to all in search of leading-edge solutions for REST API development!

Presenting Remain API Studio V1.0.11

Remain API Studio is based on the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) by the Linux Foundation® for building REST APIs, the many benefits of which include bypassing time- and resource-consuming middleware and the ability to leverage developers’ existing skill sets to deliver data and services. Remain API Studio furthers these inherent advantages with expanded capabilities that enable users to create and edit REST APIs and full OAS spec-compliant API definitions with significant increases in speed, ease, efficiency and reliability. Developers are covered through the entire API design process with an easy-to-use rich visual editor, import and export capabilities, code generation, integrated testing and built-in documentation.

Features and benefits of Remain API Studio include:  

  • Fully compliant with the latest OAS specification.
  • Visually maintain OpenAPI specifications in a human-readable way.
  • Easily generate an API server framework or client within your workspace and start coding immediately.
  • Easily test your APIs.
  • Code generator for the most popular programming languages.
  • Thorough documentation for help and access to our support desk.

Remain API Studio's thoughtful design lets you jump freely between tabs in the main panel to access what you need when you need it, for fluid progression through all aspects of your REST API creation and management. Quickly navigate to and from:

  • Defining your API.
  • Server configuration.
  • Security configuration.
  • Path definitions.
  • Schema definitions, where you can also import/export if needed.
  • Testing.
  • Generating code.

Highlights From This Year's Milestones

Now you can directly and easily convert Swagger-2 APIs to support the latest OAS-compliant specifications within our Remain API Studio, saving you time otherwise spent on unnecessary pre-studio conversion steps. 

Bypass the chaos while testing your APIs via the Web. Now you can effectively avoid cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) restrictions by tunneling requests through a local server. Fetch APIs, deploy fonts and more without the standard cross-site-request frustrations.

Additional Generators:

  • typescript-redux-query
  • nodejs-express-server
  • dart-dio
  • php-slim4
  • java-vertx-web
  • kotlin-vertx-server
  • Nim client
  • OCaml client


And much more!

Discover it in Remain API Studio's page

“The OpenAPI specification enables you to perfectly describe the interface for your digital assets, like your REST API. But the spec can be so rich that it can be intimidating, and you might find yourself wading through a large JSON file. Remain API Studio resolves this issue by enabling you to visually maintain the specification in a human-readable, graphical way, which shortens the development cycle and enables others to consume your services. We’ve been using and refining Remain API Studio to the point of our team’s extreme confidence and enthusiasm in releasing this version to the public today.” Wim Jongman, CTO and co-managing partner.

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From the entire Remain Software team, here's to your good health and development success!

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