TD/OMS Release Enhances Analysis, Testing and Integration for ALM

Tuesday, June 16, 2020
With the release of TD/OMS V12.1 we respond in the true spirit of developer-to-developer engineering to our customers' needs and the ever-advancing industry trends. You'll find this new version full of features and enhancements designed and built to help make your life easier.

What's in it for you?

Below are short overview videos for each highlight of V12.1 of TD/OMS.  Feel free to Start with our Annual Release Highlight Summary video or jump to a specific topic for a deeper-dive. 


TD/OMS contains a handy new feature that lets you tag or group objects together for speed and efficiency in development. With Labels, you can trigger actions, compiles and location selections and filter them in the "Components View" of the GUI. This flexibility allows you to work with groups of objects faster and more easily, furthering your productivity in TD/OMS. Labels can be managed in the GUI and green screen and also with a command-line API.

Journal Analyzer

With the Journal Analyzer in TD/OMS, you can quickly and easily filter and query the data contained in the IBM i journals. We have enhanced the filtering capabilities by adding the ability to filter by a date range, user profile and program name. Do you need to see the journal of a file that is not managed by TD/OMS? Not a problem. With this enhancement,simply enter the file name and library to access and analyze a journal of objects outside TD/OMS.

XREF Multi-Platform Search

Using our Xref advanced cross-referencing engine for impact analysis module, search across all platforms enterprise-wide for dependencies. Enhancements include:

  • Now directly connect search results to a task.

  • Access Xref from the menu, component view and the LPEX editor.

  • Libraries located in the IASP of IBM i can be accessed with a fully qualified location.

Unit Testing

Unit testing is a very important step in the development cycle. We all know that sometimes changes have a negative impact on a requirement previously coded. Utilizing automated scripts will help ensure that all scenarios are tested.

For added user support and flexibility, we have integrated unit testing into our TD/OMS GUI. Now a node exists below the task, showing the list of unit test programs. We also have full integration with iRPGUnit and RPGUnit.

Git Integration

Enhancements to Git include:

  • The Git menu is listed in the "show in" menu.

  • Git has been added to the definitions view.

  • Open files under the task from the Git view.

GitLab Enhancements:

  • Uploading IBM i and/or IFS sources.

  • Workflow integrations.

  • Ticket integration.

  • Merge-request integration.


Enhanced User Interface

The functionality of any program is essential but only part of the user experience. Without the benefit of an inuitive and highly functional interface, users risk losses in speed, efficiency and overall productivity. UI enhancements include or address:

  • Actions are editable in the GUI.
  • Component icons, for increased visibility.
  • Added selection criteria for Component View Filter.
  • New object template categories.

Prepared for Your Next Step ...

We thank you for your ongoing confidence and intelligent feedback, especially as this past season has likely taken an extra toll on your daily lives. Your thoughtful input provides for us essential insights as we aim to deliver excellence in future-ready engineering in support of you and your business. 

As always, it's our pleasure to accompany you to and through the ever-emerging tech horizon.

From the entire Remain Software team, here's to your good health and development success!


Current customers, head now to the TD/OMS V12.1 wiki page and get cruising.

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