Real- time information

Gravity facilitates information flow between multiple teams and team members. Gravity provides real-time collaboration and transparent communication between IT and business. Changes that take place in your enterprise, whether local or global, are registered and processed in a manner appropriate for the change. You can easily define which changes are important and if you wish to be informed about them. Hence, you can specify notification receipt times and where you’d like to receive them – such as in your mailbox, on your smartphone or any other device.


Streamlining communication within Gravity also means that you can define and assign changes/requests/problems to the people involved. These changes can be described in stories and then split into multiple tasks with defined deadlines or time-frames. The user responsible for completing the task will be notified about it right away! What’s more, each Gravity user can see the work assigned to him/her and to other users and view task status and schedules.