unified workflow for ibm i developers

The increasing complexity of software development processes forces organizations to radically streamline various phases of the development. With the understanding that no one solution can't cover all the steps of the application lifecycle process (ALM) and at some point will impose limitations. Even two, three, or more independent solutions may not even offer effective control over all ALM activities.

To get all the benefits from independent solutions, you have to integrate. An integrated environment allows for augmentation of tried and tested processes as well as the tracking and automatization of modern workflow management. The implementation takes place via the IBM i Application Discovery Suite X-Analysis by Fresche, which is fully integrated into the workflow solution with Gravity and TD/OMS as ALM Solution by Remain Software. The ALM hybrid increases the consistency, predictability, and measurability of the software development process in a simple and coordinated manner keeping all the company activities in sync. 

Complex Project Management

Gravity is a multi-platform (IBM i, Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS, etc.) task and workflow management solution. Gravity teams up any organization, improves collaboration, let’s everyone be connected and share information at any time from any place. Gravity sets the right steps at the right moment for every team member to achieve project goals in an effective and efficient way.

Entire Application Analysis

X-Analysis is a complete, automated analysis and documentation coupled with impact analysis for efficient, well-managed development. X-Analysis provides developers with application and data insight to significantly reduce the time and effort required to modify, maintain and test IBM i applications. It helps to manage and improve your IBM i applications. 

Software Change Management

TD/OMS is an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution supporting IBM i (AS/400), Windows and Unix/Linux software change, development and modernization. Whether in development, test, acceptance or deployment phase, TD/OMS helps IT organizations to streamline the change process for any type of application, no matter how complex the environment.

Major benefits of the integrated unified ALM solution:

  • Total awareness of all development activities and actual status
  • Real time collaboration and communication between IT and business whether it is global or local
  • Increased productivity and efficiency with less effort
  • Integrated ALM lowers the barrier between developer and customer with rapid delivery and service
  • Overall reduction of defects and inconsistency ensure high quality of business applications that meet customer expectations
  • Opportunity to manage development in a mature way
  • Easy and fast automated flow that allows full control of ALM processes
  • Lower cost of ownership and elimination of redundant tooling