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DevOps approach: continuous Integration and Deployment

Gravity facilitates transparent information flow between multiple teams. It registers all changes that take place in your enterprise and sends notifications about these changes. 

Analysis: TD/OMS and X-Analysis integration

The integrated solutions, TD/OMS and X-Analysis provide a single managed workflow including code management, editing, and analysis. A powerful impact analysis and automated code review during promotions will help developers to maintain standards and resolve problems before they reach QA or production. Graphical analysis and documentation provide visual understanding for unfamiliar application areas with objects and code ring-fenced for projects and assigned tasks. By integrating these features into the highly configurable but easy-to-implement TD/OMS ALM solution, developers have access to all the code analysis information they need, while the workflow is automated and controlled to provide consistent quality and productivity.

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Coding: TD/OMS and Git/GitHub integration

The coding is created in RDi or Eclipse. The source is being controlled by GIT. RDi is connected to Git/GitHub. Git is also connected to a workflow: Jira or Gravity to keep a task up to date.

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Building: TD/OMS and Jenkins

After the coding, we move sources to the next environment. This triggers the build of the objects. The building initiation is possible in two ways: in TD/OMS or Jenkins. The building process can be a traditional TD/OMS controlled, a mixed or a completely Jenkins oriented approach. 

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Testing: TD/OMS and testing solutions integrations

Application testing can be done in three steps with our integrated testing solutions: testing set creation, data anonymization, automated testing.

Fresche Solutions: X-Dataset provides a fully-equipped framework and appropriate tools that configure and automate test cases; it gives you the complete independence to carry out advanced testing operations. 


Original Software solutions for software test automation (Test-Drive, Test Drive-Assist, Test Bench, TestSmart): improve your software testing efforts and therefore help you to deliver software of a high standard, on time and within budget. 

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Continuous deployment or delivery: TD/OMS

TD/OMS Client Deployment for the non-IBM i platforms extends the same deployment technology used to deploy to the IBM i, to platforms such as Windows, Linux and Unix systems. TD/OMS Client Deployment enables reliable and repeatable deployments with a standard base of templates that can be used to deploy to well-known applications such as Tomcat, WebSphere, and SQL database servers. TD/OMS Client Deployment has an open architecture and allows you to easily extend the product to deployment scenarios of a more complex nature. TD/OMS Client Deployment provides real-time information on deployment, using the TD/OMS GUI you get instant feedback on the state of deployments and direct access to the transfer log of the running or completed deployment job.

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