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Application Life Cycle and Change Management, DevOps and Modernization

In today's quickly changing world where organizations need to gradually increase their competitiveness, the complexity of business is growing and where more and more operations are handled globally, robust and modern software plays a central role in organizations’ activities. Due to changes that are constantly introduced to business processes also software remains under continuous development. Therefore, organizations need solutions which can facilitate the software management process. Application Lifecycle Management represents a modern way of managing (governing, developing and maintaining) any kind of software lifecycle through all stages - from the concept through design, development, maintenance, up to testing and deployment - and can easily facilitate these processes.

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For more than 25 years, Remain Software delivers robust, reliable, flexible IT solutions for evolving needs in workflow and change management. Our unique in-house development lets us quickly adapt our solutions to include new functionality and solidly integrate with emerging third-party applications.

We consistently advance, deliver quarterly and annual updates/releases, and earn the trust and confidence of customers worldwide. 

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