Industrial TSI

Industrial TSI is an IT services provider with the headquarters in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands. Our ‘think global act local’ approach allows supporting Benelux customers with high-quality products known worldwide and give them support for Test Automation, Incident Management, Build Management and Reporting. The main objective of Industrial TSI is to make customers satisfied with streamlined IT management, high-quality software and great time and money savings.

Next to being a solutions vendor, Industrial TSI offers a wide range of services such as consultancy, implementation assistance and after sales support. Our consultants share their knowledge and experience to help customers with their IT management. In collaboration with Vogella, an expert in Android and Eclipse development Industrial TSI offers Eclipse Training Courses, based on the knowledge and many years’ expertise in Eclipse products.

Industrial TSI is an Original Software distributor in Benelux and official reseller of Talend, Birt, and OTRS products. As the first in The Netherlands Industrial TSI has become the Eclipse Foundation member and is currently the Premium Partner of the Eclipse Training Alliance in the Benelux.

Eclipse 4 RCP Development

The course will help you understand how to implement your own application based on the Eclipse 4 platform. The Eclipse 4 release significantly changes the programming model for Eclipse RCP development. The course explains the existing core frameworks in Eclipse, e.g. SWT, databinding, plug-in architecture, extension point, etc. as well as the new Eclipse 4 platform concepts, e.g. dependency injection, declarative styling, service consumption, the application model, the rendering framework, etc. 

Eclipse BIRT

Eclipse BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool) is THE Open Source Eclipse reporting solution. Using Eclipse plugin extensions, interactive reports are conveniently generated with a WYSIWYG editor.

The tool's Viewer Engine can be easily integrated into an Eclipse application (RCP or web server) and reports may be generated and exported in various formats like HTML, PDF, XLS, PPT or DOC. This training explores the potential of the BIRT technology both in theoretical and practical episodes.

This course is designed for Software developers and architects who want to develop reporting modules for their application to meet specific requirements. This course is targeted at users who are not used to BIRT or have just started to use it. 


Building OSGi / Maven Applications with Tycho / Maven

The “Building OSGi and RCP applications with Maven / Tycho” training will teach you how to build bundles, features, products, p2 repositories, ... in a fully automated way using Tycho, a Maven-based build system from the Eclipse ecosystem.

Developing OSGi Equinox

This intensive course covers fundamentals of OSGi as well as intermediate topics and specific features of Eclipse Equinox. You will apply the theoretical knowledge in several labs which will give you the practical experience necessary for your projects.

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