IT Jungle Article on Remain Software's Role in IBM i ALM and DevOps

Tuesday, July 16, 2019
In his July 15 article titled "Remain Breaks New Ground With ALM Suite," IT Jungle reporter Alex Woodie covers some of the most important and exciting elements of Remain's ongoing customer-centric engineering for modern-day change, integration, DevOps and more on/within the IBM i, multi-platform and open-source environments. See what's new with TD/OMS, what it means and why it matters!

Remain Breaks New Ground With ALM Suite

July 15, 2019 Alex Woodie
Coding season just ended for Remain Software, the Dutch application lifecycle management (ALM) vendor with a growing US presence. That means customers are sorting through a torrent of new functionality in its flagship TD/OMS product, including improved hooks to DevOps tools like Git and Jenkins, a new cross-platform cross-reference module, and a nifty API generator too.

New stuff started emerging from Remain Software around the POWERUp conference in May, when IT Jungle sat down with company representatives to talk about development trends, current and upcoming releases of Remain’s software, and what customers are looking to get next. ...