New release v14.1

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

It's our pleasure to announce Release 14.1

This release contains all features and new functions gathered from our Milestones throughout the last 12 months (Milestone 1, 2 and 3). Bringing out new releases by Midsummer every year is part of our promise to the market to deliver “future-proof” solutions.

Now it is time to hand over the Baton to our customers, an exciting moment like the sportsmen experience in a 4 x 400-meter Estafette race.

In our search to offer top technology solutions, we included the first step of our Octo technology. Octo offers a graphical dashboard and full analysis of the use of TD/OMS from the web plus URL tracking.

For V 15, Milestone 1, more functionality in Octo will be made available like Kanban support. 

Future and Roadmap

In order to stay in sync with the business and functionality that is needed to be competitive, we have committed to embedding VS Code in our DevOps solutions. 

For more information, please see the highlights below.

Detailed information is available on the Remain extranet for our customers. 

New and Noteworthy in TD/OMS Release V14.1

Improved Component Navigation

The Components View contains all objects in all applications. This can make it sometimes hard to navigate. A change has been made to only show objects in the production environment. This option is selected by default. It is activated by using the [P] icon.

The ILE Procedures view now also allows *wildcard* selections and the view has been made faster.

A better quick filter

The Quickfilter box has been enhanced.

The Quickfilter simultaneously searches on the following fields: Object Name, Description, Attribute, Application, Environment, Library, Source library, Source file, Source member, IFS name, and IFS directory.

You can use *wildcards* in the search.

REST API Code Generation Extensions

The REST Generator has been enhanced

The RPG REST Generator now offers the following additional extensions:

Generate Login Code
Login code can now be generated. This code creates a boilerplate example of how to log in and provide a JWT token.

JWT Aware
If the security specifies a JWT token then token parsing code is generated.

Session Support
If you require session support then this can now be generated. The session code tracks the number of requests per session and session data can be stored in the session.

TD/OMS Dashboard

The TD/OMS Dashboard view shows graphs that do not meet your Key Performance Indicators (KPI's).

Suppose that you don't want more than 10 tasks in development at any one time. You can add this Performance Indicator to the Dashboard and it will be reported in the Dashboard in the Warnings view. In addition, the Dashboard contains statistical information about your DevOps Environment and trend analysis diagrams to monitor if your failure trends are rising or falling so that you can take timely measures.

If you want to dive in, please visit the "Getting Started" section.



Octo 1.0 

Octo is the framework that will provide access to our products from the web. Octo is designed to be extendable and over the coming milestones, we will be adding more and more content.

If you want to dive in, please visit the "Getting Started" section.


JWT Support

The RPG REST Generator now offers to support JWT.

As explained above (REST API Code Generation Extensions) the RPG API code would be generated on the basis of what option we choose in the Generation Extensions dialog box.


With this release, we offer the new and exciting TD/OMS Event System. The Event System enables you to hook in external programs, called Subscribers. Think of the Event System as a trigger program for your DevOps pipeline.

The event system enables subscription to anything that happens within TD/OMS

The scope of the integration you can achieve with the event system is endless.

The event system will make sure that the event is delivered to the subscribed programs and commands. The TD/OMS event system can perform all sorts of tasks like auditing, process triggering, notification, e-mail, and others.

Connectwise Interface

Connect Wise is now integrated into TD/OMS. You can now create a Connect Wise server and start filtering your tickets, link them to a TD/OMS task or request or even open an item directly in Connect Wise.


ServiceDesk plus interface

Service Desk Plus is now integrated in TD/OMS. You can now create a Service Desk Plus server and start filtering your projects, requests or tasks, link them to a TD/OMS task or request or even open an item directly in Service Desk Plus.


Zendesk Interface

An interface with Zendesk has been added to the list of supported Issue trackers.

New and Noteworthy in TD/OMS V14 Milestone 2

Generate RPGLE Rest Api through Mustache

We can now generate the Rest API through mustache template. Mustache is a logicless (because it doesn't have constructs that support if-else statements and for loops) template engine for creating dynamic content.

All the required templates, options, and header files would be residing in "/QOpenSys/TD/Generator/sys" directory.

  • The templates determine what would be the structure of generated RPGLE Free program.
  • The options file controls various settings of the RPGLE Free generator.
  • The header file controls the header generation of the RPGLE Free program.

If you want to make the changes in files, copy these files into the "/QOpenSys/TD/Generator/user" directory. Once changes are done, they would be reflected in generated RPGLE Free program.

Note: Do not make changes to the files in "/QOpenSys/TD/Generator/sys" directory because they will be overridden in future updates.

Open the generator dialog and click on generate server button to generate the Rest API.

New and Noteworthy in TD/OMS V14 Milestone 1

Transfer Progress

The transfer progress has been enhanced.

  • The transfer progress is not shown when the transfer is scheduled
  • The transfer progress now shows actual progress instead of showing undetermined progress.

Export spooled file to PDF

Spooled files can now be exported to PDF

Issues closed

In this release, we have closed 74 issues and 171 tasks. In addition, our developers have transferred more than 17000 objects through the TD/OMS Development pipeline. All this information is visible on the new TD/OMS Analysis Dashboard, which is part of version 14.