Source Compare and Merge / Peer review

Versioning old sources is one of the main tasks of an ALM solution like TD/OMS and for many reasons is important for your business.

Next to restoring the source code to a previous version, one of the main other uses of the previous sources' versioning is reviewing code changes. Code review is one of the most effective ways to find defects early in the development process. All developers have access to the source code being changed by other developer. The functionality allows them to evaluate it and give their input on the correctness of the code immediately, which results in more effective software development and team collaboration, and what's most important high quality and reliability of software.

The code reviewing process can be setup in TD/OMS, an application lifecycle management tool for IBM i platform.

When should you need a version control?

  • more than 1 developer maintains the same application
  • you need to be compliant to laws / regulations / audit requirements
  • you'd like to improve the application lifecycle management process
  • your development team needs to increse its effectiveness and skills level and improve collaboration
  • software bugs cause risk for your business
  • you spend too much time on comparing software versions

Benefits of VC with code reviewing

  • no consequences of a new version failure (it's easy to go back to the old, automatically saved version)
  • improved code quality
  • better team cooperation and increased effectiveness of developers
  • easy recovery in case of unwanted changes/deletions, etc. 
  • knowledge sharing and increasing developers' skills
  • reduced costs of applications maintenance
  • customer satisfaction - they get a high quality software on-time