Obvious Statements About Software Change Management: #10 The Universal Change Process

Application Lifecycle Management can be a very complex field. Given the diversity of today’s international laws and regulations, finding an optimal process is very challenging. I was taught to break down complex matters to a level where they are no longer complex. After this has been done, it is much easier to go back and grasp the complexity of the whole.

Is Waldo A Bundle? RELENG Problems!

Who has not enjoyed wasting time searching for Waldo. Searching for Waldo is fun, you look around a picture and you observe the picture in a very detailed way and discover things that you would never have seen otherwise. However, looking for stuff is not alway's fun. "Au Contraire" as the French would say. Looking for stuff is the biggest time waster in the universe. It is the energy that feeds frustration and can drive a man to madness.