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Version 2.0.2

Our Remain OpenAPI Studio enables you to create a full OAS3 spec-compliant API definition easily. It includes a rich editor with API testing, import, export, and code generation. It contains built-in documentation for all parts of the OAS3 specification. The visual editor enables you to inspect and edit your API specification in a human-readable way. No more wading around in JSON or YAML unless you want to. Our Remain OpenAPI Studio can be integrated with TD/OMS, or it may be used standalone.

New and Noteworthy:

HTTP Request Test Client

The HTTP request client enables you to make one-off HTTP requests and bundle these requests in test suites. You can also peek and poke a website and use the saved HTTP requests to generate an OpenAPI specification.

Embedded Mock Server

We're offering a fully integrated auto-mock server. It handles requests, callbacks, validates path and incoming parameters, and generates a mock response based on your OpenAPI document's definitions. It's a fully automated local mock server. Just relax and mock!

Generation of Server Code, Client Code, Configuration, and Documentation

The embedded code generators will make your API life easy. The generated docs can also be served and viewed in the browser for ease of use.

Peek component source code

For more development focus, it's now possible to select one component (e.g., schema, path, operation, security scheme, tag, or server) and view its source code in the component source view. You can also toggle between Yaml and JSON by using the local menu.

Schema example generation

You can now generate a schema example with one click. We've polished the Examples tab as well.

Web Editor

We've augmented and integrated the Swagger web editor. You can now edit your OpenAPI document from this locally served web editor, using your favorite web theme, and save your changes back.

JSon <> YAML

With one click, you can now convert your document format between JSON and Yaml without affecting your current document as a new one with the same name and different extensions will be generated for you.

This and 50 other enhancements make this our best release to date.


Click here to Download - Win64 Installer

Eclipse Installation

As an alternative to the stand-alone installation, the OpenAPI Studio may be installed inside any Eclipse flavor. The Remain OpenAPI Studio Plugin supports all major versions of Eclipse and Eclipse Derived Products on all platforms where Eclipse is available (Windows, Linux, and Apple OSX).

  • You may drag the "Install" button below into your Eclipse or RDI to begin the installation process

Drag to your running Eclipse* workspace. *Requires Eclipse Marketplace Client