Milestone 3 Release Enhances Software Development, Change, and Workflow for IBM i and Multi-Platform Environments

We are committed to ongoing support of your business, and more so in these trying times. It's now more important than ever to keep evolving, adapting and growing to meet our customers' needs — your needs. And thanks to your support and feedback, we're not only able to do so, but also to do it in a timely and efficient way. Today we present TD/OMS and Gravity current-version Milestone 3. Check out what's new and how it'll help you continue to move forward along the road to your success!

Gravity V5 Milestone 2 Increases Efficiency, Productivity and Progress in DevOps and Workflow

You asked, and Gravity V5 Milestone 2 delivers. Featuring enhancements to increase the user-friendliness and expand the advantages of overall utilization of our in-house-developed, signature project-workflow-management solution, Gravity V5 Milestone 2 is designed to appeal to your collective sense of overall workflow satisfaction and straightforward results.

TD/OMS V12 Milestone 2 Enhances Support for Change Management, Integration and Total ALM

Driven with care by our ongoing commitment to you, we arrive as scheduled at another quarterly Milestone along the road to your success. The release of TD/OMS V12 Milestone 2 signifies an array of intuitive, efficiency-boosting refinements built to further streamline and enhance your application-lifecycle management and overall development experience. Furthering our support for third-party tools, and featuring notable enhancements to integrations, user interfaces, source-management and more, today’s release marks expansions in clarity, productivity and control as you navigate change-management, workflow and DevOps.

Designing REST API with Remain API Studio based on OpenAPI standards

The enhancements within Remain API V1.0.10 make our Remain API Studio and editor for both IBM i and multi-platform architecture more functional, easy to use and applicable to the jobs that matter to you.

IT Jungle Article on Remain Software's Change Management System and GitLab

In his Nov. 13 article titled "Remain Hooks Change Management System Into GitLab," IT Jungle reporter Alex Woodie covers how newest enhancements to TD/OMS and Gravity demonstrate how Remain is "investing to keep its customers on the cutting edge."

Gravity V5 Milestone 1 Enhances Workflow, User Ability and Productivity in Development

Version 5 Milestone 1 of Gravity, our project-workflow management solution, includes a variety of thoughtful user configuration and navigation improvements and enhancements designed to increase your usability and productivity and make your life easier. Check out the shortlists below, and then head over to the Wiki for the full array and all the details.

TD/OMS V12 Milestone 1 Delivers Extended Support for GitLab, Testing, Integration and User Ability

We help you embrace change while remaining in control. In our ongoing strides to help you "embrace change" and "remain in control" with improved solutions that make your life easier, we're happy to present TD/OMS V12 Milestone 1. Among its many enhancements, Milestone 1 features full support for GitLab, additional unit testing integration, remarkable advances in relation to Xref and more. Our Milestones and annual releases would not be possible without your trust and feedback. Read on for an overview of some of the updates, additions and improvements to TD/OMS with this release.

IT Jungle Article on Remain Software's Role in IBM i ALM and DevOps

In his July 15 article titled "Remain Breaks New Ground With ALM Suite," IT Jungle reporter Alex Woodie covers some of the most important and exciting elements of Remain's ongoing customer-centric engineering for modern-day change, integration, DevOps and more on/within the IBM i, multi-platform and open-source environments. See what's new with TD/OMS, what it means and why it matters!

TDOMS V11.1 Releases Essential Enhancements to Further Your ALM, IBM i DevOps, and Ongoing Software Application Development Potential

With the release of TD/OMS V11.1, a year's worth of evolution for TD/OMS and Gravity delivers further stability, mobility and ROI as we continue to back your current and future development objectives with progressive enhancements and support for the essential, future-forward tools on which you rely. This mature version will significantly enhance the speed, accuracy and impact by which you develop, test and deliver. You’ll gain freedom and productivity by way of comprehensive cross-team oversight and advanced capabilities within source and version control, project management, IBM i change- and lifecycle-management, DevOps, workflow and more. Notable features include transformational additions and refinements to/within: the Git, Jenkins, WebFOCUS and GeneXus interfaces; internal branching; advanced cross-referencing; our new Remain API Studio; floating-user licensing, and much more.

New Enhancements and Support to Advance Your Application Development Potential

With the release of TD/OMS V 11 Milestone 3, we continue to back your current and future objectives with progressive enhancements and support for the tools on which you rely. Among others, notable features include the additions of new views to the Git and Jenkins interfaces, the ability to perform automated deployments through the WebFocus V81+ and GeneXus V15+ interfaces, and the introductions of floating licenses and the exciting new Remain API Studio. In short, we designed Milestone 3 to advance your development potential and compound the return on your investment of valuable time, attention and commitment to your work. In the long run it also advances our ultimate goal: Help you produce better code with speed, ease and an increasingly intuitive and fluid developer-user experience.